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Aubameyang Stars In BT Sport’s Epic New Arsenal v Chelsea Ad

Aubameyang Stars In BT Sport’s Epic New Arsenal v Chelsea Ad

The Gabonese Striker has been mired in controversy since his hasty exit from Arsenal.

A fallout with Arteta, a discharge from his captainship, a last-minute deal with Barcelona, and of course, public criticism for Arsenal’s manager – Aubameyang’s certainly been the stuff of catchy headlines. 

Guess what? He’s at it again!

Aubameyang will be facing his former side for the very first time since his controversial switch to the Catalans.

So it only makes sense for him to go public with an ad that is sure to heighten the competitiveness of the teams and fans alike.

The Gabonese has actually gone on to warn Arsenal before the London derby saying, “Arsenal, it’s nothing personal.” He also goes on to say, “I’m back. I’m Blue. I’m ready.” 

An advertisement is actually a class act by BT Sports, featuring Blue and Red legends such as Thierry Henry and Didier Drogba, and a brief visual of Arsene Wenger shoving Jose Mourinho. The ad also shows Aubameyang in a Gunners jersey, front-flip into a Chelsea kit. 

While tensions have already likely stirred up between the two London giants, the match will hold massive significance for both sides.

If Arsenal win the derby, they can retain their position as league leaders. Alternatively, if Aubameyang’s side can defeat the Gunners, Chelsea have an opportunity to overtake Manchester United and move up to the 5th place. 

Apart from the significance, the match holds for the teams themselves, Aubameyang must prove his worth in this one.

While his track record for the Gunners was impressive, to say the least, the Gabonese striker is yet to settle into his role at Chelsea and make a place for himself in the team after a EUR 10.8 million transfer from FC Barcelona. 

The 33-year-old striker built up a tally of 92 goals along with 21 assists in just 163 appearances in a Gunners kit. He also bagged a trophy with Arsenal in 2020 and tied with Mo Salah and Sadio Mane for the position of highest goalscorer in the Premier League. 

As of now, Aubameyang has only netted 3 goals in 11 appearances for the Blue side. While the BT Sports promotion is certainly a ballsy one, Aubameyang will have to bring his A-game if he wants to be taken seriously. 

Hopefully, Gabonese can back his threats up with a quality performance. Else, it’s unlikely to end well for him.