Lionel Messi slammed for being lazy as video exposes Barcelona legend’s lack of movement and leadership during Bayern thrashing

New post – Lionel Messi is being slammed for his inactivity during the dying minutes of Barcelona’s 2-1 win against Dynamo Kiev last night

Barcelona captain Lionel Messi was severely criticised for his poor performance in the quarter-final clash with Bayern Munich that eliminated them out of the tournament earlier this week.

Although it was Barcelona’s midfield and defence who should mostly be held responsible for the 8-2 beating, but Messi’s individual highlights clearly show that the six time Ballon d’Or winner failed to show up in the match.

Football Twitter savaged Messi after a video emerged of him showing absolutely no desire on the field.

The footage shows how the Barcelona talisman was devoid of passion and motivation as he made no efforts to gain possession after losing the ball to Bayern and also failed to make forward runs on occasions when Barcelona gained possession.

For a sportsman of his calibre, Leo definitely failed to inspire his fellow teammates for a miraculous comeback.

Twitteratis harshly criticised this lacklustre performance put out by the captain with a user stating that ‘Messi is not captain material’.

Messi’s leadership was doubted and the Argentine was compared to mega captains like Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo. A tweet claimed that the latter pair would not have allowed such a disgraceful performance from the team.

Barcelona’s exit from the Champions League would mean that the Catalans have failed to bring back the trophy to Camp Nou since 2015.