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What is a ‘farmers league’ – the derogatory term that prompted Kylian Mbappe’s tweet after Lyon beat Man City

What is a ‘farmers league’ – the derogatory term that prompted Kylian Mbappe’s  tweet after Lyon beat Man City

Farmers League – you might have stumbled upon this term if you find yourself as an avid follower of football on the various social media platforms. It first took shape as a mockery towards France’s first division, Ligue 1.

Dominance of PSG and the rise of ‘farmers league’

Because of the increasingly dominant nature of Paris-Saint Germain over the league, its competitiveness and entertainment factor has taken a hit through the years.

Since the 2012-13 season, PSG have secured the Ligue 1 crown for every season except the 16-17 campaign where an impressive Monaco team comprising the likes of Mbappe triumphed over Unai Emery’s side.

However, the escalating use of the term ‘Farmers League’ towards the French first division led to an illusory truth effect. The expression soon established itself to be used in a derogatory way to look down upon Ligue 1 due to its uncompetitive nature.

Debunking the myth

The fact that the French sides weren’t able to do substantially well in the Champions League either provided fuel to the fire. However, upon a closer look, the myth of a so-called ‘Farmers League’ can easily be debunked.

A large portion of Premier League fans are guilty of using this term on various social media platforms. But when you consider the fact that a considerable number of the PL’s top players come from the French league, the argument of Ligue 1 lacking in quality is thoroughly deflated.

Further, in a roller-coaster of a Champions League campaign this season, the semi-finals will feature clubs from Ligue 1 and the German Bundesliga, which is another league on the frequent receiving end of the term ‘Farmers league.’

Mbappe tweet after Lyon win

Answering all the naysayers, Kylian Mbappe came up with a befitting response after fellow French side Lyon dumped the Premier League giants Manchester City out of the Champions League.

The PSG winger tweeted out in a tongue-in-cheek manner, ‘FARMERS LEAGUE’ with a clown emoji attached to it while also congratulating Olympique Lyonnais for their fantastic feat last night.

A plethora of Ligue 1 and Bundesliga fans swarmed in the comments section to affirm this move from the French ace.