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MasterChef Indonesia uncovers Kylian Mbappe lookalike – See who he is!

MasterChef Indonesia uncovers Kylian Mbappe lookalike – See who he is!

Kylian Mbappe has become a genuine worldwide phenomenon after the Qatar World Cup.

Considering that the competition is seen by billions of people around the world, his talent definitely got more exposure when he was playing the role of a leader for France over whatever attention he gets playing in Ligue 1 for PSG.

Mbappe scripted a chapter for the history books by scoring 8 goals for France in the World Cup, almost guiding them to back-to-back title wins.

That included a hat-trick in the final against Argentina, the first such feat managed since the 1966 World Cup final!

The Frenchman made many new fans of himself and solidified him as the player to dominate the battle for the Ballon d’Or over the next decade.

Mbappe got a lot of mainstream attention with his heroics at the World Cup and now his name is not only notable among hardcore football fans, but many casual viewers too.

As a result, his name has a lot of weight behind it and so does his entire personality.

While Mbappe is back in France and trying to help PSG finally end their Champions League curse this season, it appears that a possible doppelganger of his is starting to earn some fame on social media.

The term ‘doppelganger’ loosely means a person with identical facial features to an individual.

In one of the wildest discoveries of 2023 so far, it seems like a lookalike of the French footballer is participating in the season 10 of popular cooking show Masterchef Indonesia.

Rommy Gonadi is a 29-year-old chef who is trying to win the MasterChef Indonesia competition and has even jokingly been named the Indonesian Mbappe.

He is actually five years elder than the PSG forward, which makes the similarity in their appearances even more bizarre.

Gonadi is, of course, of Asian origin – which is totally different to the Frenchman, whose father is Cameroonian and mother of Algerian origin. Even still, Gonadi’s facial expressions and features are eerily similar to Kylian’s.

Indeed, the shape of their foreheads almost looks the same and even their noses are identical.

Gonadi’s expressions of being serious or curious mark a mirror appearance to Mbappe and they even appear to be sharing the same kind of ear shape.

This is especially freaky considering that the MasterChef contestant is not even from the same continent, let alone the same country as the French forward.

There is no relationship between the two men and this is just a case of freaky resemblance.

Safe to say, Gonadi has earned a lot of fans on MasterChef Indonesia thanks to his similar appearance to Mbappe.