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Rangers Pay Tifo Tribute to Famous Hamburg Display Against Celtic Back in 2009

Rangers Pay Tifo Tribute to Famous Hamburg Display Against Celtic Back in 2009

In the world of football, rivalries are an inherent part of the game. Clubs have their passionate fan bases, and some of these supporters share a common bond through their disdain for a mutual rival.

Such is the case with Rangers and Hamburg fans, who have found a unique connection in their shared dislike of Celtic during the friendly match that took place at Ibrox, the iconic stadium of Rangers, where the two teams faced off against each other.

The atmosphere was electric, with fans from both sides eagerly supporting their respective teams. Fashion Sakala scored the opening goal in the 37th minute of the match, and shortly before half-time, James Tavernier secured an additional goal through a penalty.

The match ended with a 2-1 victory for the Rangers, but the result was not the only thing that caught the attention of the spectators.

Before kick-off, a Tifo In bold letters proudly proclaimed “No Surrender” – a Northern Irish rallying cry that has long been synonymous with Rangers. However, it was not a coincidence, as Hamburg had produced an identical banner when their fans held up cards to resemble the Union Flag with the same words against Celtic during their Europa League clash back in 2009.

For the Scottish Premiership side, “No Surrender” represents a strong sense of determination and commitment to their club, an unwavering spirit that has been an integral part of their identity for decades. Embracing this motto not only reaffirms their loyalty to the team but also serves as a defiant response to their arch-rivals, Celtic.

During the game, Hamburg also made a powerful statement by unveiling a large banner that read: “We love you Rangers.” This heartfelt gesture highlighted the genuine camaraderie between the German supporters and their Scottish counterparts. 

The origins of this unusual friendship between the Glasgow-based Rangers and the 2. Bundesliga side Hamburg can be traced back to the 1970s. During that decade, the two clubs had several encounters on the football field, and over time, a bond began to form. 

The bond strengthened when Hamburg thrice defeated Celtic in European competitions. This success might have sparked a sense of admiration and kinship among Rangers fans, knowing that their “cousin club” had outperformed their arch-rivals Celtic.

This eventually culminated in an official partnership between Rangers and Hamburg in 2021 as reported by Daily Record, solidifying their connection and paving the way for more friendly matches between them.

The bond between Rangers and Hamburg fans is a unique example of how football can bridge geographical and cultural gaps, bringing supporters from different countries together in their shared love for their clubs and mutual dislike of a common rival.

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