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The Real Reason Why Casemiro Looked Overweight in Recent Training Pic

The Real Reason Why Casemiro Looked Overweight in Recent Training Pic

Casemiro’s signing by Manchester United in 2022 was met with skepticism due to the hefty transfer fee and his age. However, the seasoned midfielder proved his worth during his debut season, with his contributions playing a vital role in the club’s commendable third-place finish in the Premier League last season.

Despite his previous outstanding performances, Casemiro‘s recent appearance in the pre-season training images has raised eyebrows. Critics and fans alike have been taken aback by his apparent weight gain, leading to concerns about how this might impact his performance on the field in the upcoming season.

The Brazilian footballer, who returned from vacation, appears to have gained some weight, particularly noticeable on his face, giving him a seemingly chubby appearance.

As the images went viral, speculations about his physical condition and readiness for the upcoming season.

A logical explanation on Twitter suggested that a bad angle and Casemiro’s shaved head might be accentuating his facial features, giving the illusion of added weight. In fact, other photos show that Casemiro is nowehere near being fat.

Casemiro’s role in Manchester United’s midfield cannot be underestimated. Despite his return to pre-season training with a different physical appearance, it’s crucial to remember the talent and experience he brings to the team. 

The 31-year-old player’s extensive experience as a five-time Champions League winner adds significant value to the squad, making him an integral part of United’s leadership group which seemed to work well in their last friendly win against rivals Arsenal.

As the pre-season progresses and Manchester United faces Real Madrid in an upcoming reunion, Casemiro can be expected in action, showcasing his skills and demonstrating his commitment to the club. Which can be the fuel to give his all in the upcoming Premier League season.

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