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Photo – Leeds United midfielder Kalvin Phillips pays grocery bill for a woman who forgot her purse

Photo – Leeds United midfielder Kalvin Phillips pays grocery bill for a woman who forgot her purse

In the trying times we live in, it is highly important that we show kindness to people in distress. It is also quite pivotal that our role models step up their game and show the way to society.

In such duress, the general public quite naturally look up to their favourite footballers. Inspiring millions across the globe, these players now have an obligation to lead their fans by example.

It is therefore quite heartening to see them rise to this challenge admirably. It has now come to light the myriad instances where players have come forward and provided significant aid to their communities. In doing so, they have earned the goodwill they constantly receive from their supporters.

Yesterday, Kalvin Phillips illustrated this principle with an act of generosity that earned him a lot of fans.

The 24-year-old defensive midfielder has been with Leeds United from the age of fourteen. He initially trained under their youth program for four years. He finally graduated to the Peacocks’ senior squad in 2014 and had a few good campaigns for the club.

However, it is this season that his talent and persistence have paid dividends. His impressive performances have now triggered debates on whether Gareth Southgate could call him up for the 2021 Euro’s squad.

Phillips’ philanthropy wins hearts

Yesterday, however, Phillips was in the news for a different reason altogether.

Standing in a queue while buying groceries, he apparently noticed that the lady paying for her items forgot her purse at home. In a generous and heartfelt gesture, Phillips offered to pay for all of her shopping, which the lady gladly took up.

Image via FootyAccums on Twitter

The incident won a massive amount of praise for the player online. Fans lauded his gesture and felt that it proved he was a good egg. Phillips also won many people over by conforming to the rules of social distancing throughout the interaction.