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Rapper Santan Dave does Graeme Souness dirty after former Liverpool man’s jibe at Man Utd star Paul Pogba

Rapper Santan Dave does Graeme Souness dirty after former Liverpool man’s jibe at Man Utd star Paul Pogba

You could be mistaken for thinking Paul Pogba is an average player. He has not had any noteworthy performances in a Manchester United shirt since his record transfer.

With the price tag and the Man United badge, comes the barrage of expectations. The failure to live up to those expectations will see you receive a lot of stick.

Pogba’s time at United has seen him receive a large amount of criticism. Pundits, former players, and everyone on TV have waxed lyrical about his inconsistent performances and perceived lack of attitude.

Souness’ beef with Pogba

Graeme Souness has been one of his major critics since he arrived at United. Pogba’s perceived lack of attitude has been his major point of criticism.

Pogba was on the receiving end of Souness’ criticism again. Recently, he said that Pogba had the required skills to succeed as a footballer.

But, he questioned his attitude, stating that Pogba’s attitude was the polar opposite of what he possessed during his playing days.

That was another jibe in a long list of jibes against Pogba. Pogba has usually been silent in the face of Souness’ unrelenting criticism.

However, he decided to break the silence by claiming he didn’t know who Souness was. He claimed that while he heard that Souness was a great player, he never heard his name previously.

Souness had a glittering career at Anfield, where he won a plethora of trophies.  When he was told of Pogba’s dig, he replied with another barb at Pogba, asking him to put his medals on the table.

This wasn’t Souness’ first crack at Pogba.  He has been critical of almost everything that Pogba has done since his arrival at Old Trafford.

Rapper Dave Santan, who is also a massive United fan, was mindful of that fact. His response to Souness’ criticism on Instagram was hilarious.

He shared a meme, which showed what Souness’ wife’s reaction would have been when her husband mentioned Pogba at the dinner table again.

Furthermore, he stated that he had seen kids who wanted to emulate famous footballers such as Kaka, Ronaldinho, and Rooney. But, he was yet to come across a kid who wanted to emulate Souness.