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Man Utd and Adidas hit the spot with 21/22 third kit launch video

Man Utd and Adidas hit the spot with 21/22 third kit launch video

“Of course we’re glory hunters, what else would we hunt”, read the glorious tagline as Manchester United revealed their third kit for the upcoming 21/22 season earlier today.

Although it wasn’t the Raphael Varane announcement video the fans were hoping were, Man United and Adidas still managed to impress the fans with a slick-looking advertorial to launch the new shirt.

The kit launch video features a host of current men’s and women’s first-teamers with a special guest appearance from their legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Luke Shaw looking sharp in the new third kit

Just like Adidas had knocked it out of the park with their advert for Arsenal’s 3rd kit reveal a few days ago, they have gone and done justice to United’s slick new shirt with a stunning montage again.

You just know that the GIF of Paul Pogba pouring the salt is going to be used as a response every time Graeme Souness delivers a hot take next season.

The screenshot of Paul Pogba pouring salt in Man United's kit launch video

Besides Pogba’s bit, fans have absolutely loved SAF’s delivery and Bruno Fernandes’ arrogance as he sits on his throne.

There are bonus points for you to spot Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Jadon Sancho 25 coffee mug and the cheeky tribute to Scott McTominay’s love for biscuits.

Back to the kit, the jersey is based on the 3rd kit of the 1993-94 season and combines hues of black, blue, and yellow to create an electrifying feel.