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(Photo) Chelsea fan grabs the third kit for next season from china – it looks horrible

(Photo) Chelsea fan grabs the third kit for next season from china – it looks horrible

Kit leaks for the next season involving various Premier League clubs have been surfing around the internet for quite some time now.

Back in March, the ever-reliable FootyHeadlines apparently leaked the third kit for Chelsea’s 20/21 season. The kit had an eerily similar disguise with another Premier League club’s colours- we’ll get to that in a moment.

Safe to say, the fans condemned the idea and wished the leak to be nothing more than mere fallacy.

However, a fresh image has surfaced online which seems to manifest the fact that the leaks were, indeed, spot on. A Chelsea fan on Twitter claims to have grabbed an early stock of the kit from China.

He has, apparently, bought it for the low price of nine quid and has photographic evidence to back him up.

Fans Denounce ‘BTEC’ Crystal Palace Kit

The fan reactions were in quick – and they were far from promising.

The kit has been near-universally bashed by every Chelsea supporter. However, their qualms are not without reason.

Their main issue is how the kit is now predominantly crimson with vertical blue stripes. Not only is this now as far away as possible from an ideal Chelsea jersey, it also ends up looking like an abysmal Crystal Palace rip-off.

Fans have also made a full 180 on the logo of telecom company ‘3’ on the front. During the initial leaks of the concept kits, they were bowled over by how crisp and solid the huge logo looked on the jersey. Now, however, quite a few now believe that it only brings down the overall appearance to a dreadful low.

It is pretty clear looking at these outspoken reactions that this kit will be a massive step in the wrong direction. The club will definitely have to make some wholesale changes to the tentative outfits to appease the Stamford Bridge faithful.