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Chelsea Rumored To Release A Mint-Green Third Kit For Next 23/24 Season

Chelsea Rumored To Release A Mint-Green Third Kit For Next 23/24 Season

The season of leaks appears to have arrived early this year, as confirmed details for next season’s kits continue to drop prematurely. 

So far, we’ve had initial looks into Tottenham Hotspur’s away kit for the next season, and an entire leak for Liverpool’s home kit.

Additionally, London outfit Chelsea also seems to be dealing with leaks, as FootyHeadlines were able to reveal some key details about their primary threads for 2023/24

And now, the publication is back again with a fresh leak.

On this occasion, it’s all about the third kit, and judging by the information provided, Nike is heading into some largely uncharted territory for the club. 

The leak suggests that Chelsea are all set for a mint-green third kit, paired alongside white or dark navy accents. 

Green is a shade The Blues have rarely sported, with the last instance being back in 2010/11.

As for mint green, we’ll have to travel further back and all the way to the 1980s, as Chelsea wore a mint-green away kit during the 1986-87 season.

The kit was reprised by Umbro with a few alterations for the subsequent season, following which the shade never made a return.

By the looks of it, the American sportswear brand may be aiming for a retro-inspired look, given the similarities to away kits from the past. 

However, mint green may just be an attempt at refreshing things and straying away from more commonly used shades.

The concept of a mint green kit did seem to intrigue fans online, who were certainly into the idea.

Next season may just present some gorgeous kits for Blues fans, at least if these early leaks are to be believed.