Arsenal Fans Voting For Former Player Tony Adams Is Causing Chaos On Strictly Come Dancing

Being a Premier League juggernaut, you can bet that Arsenal have quite the fanbase. 

Sticking to figures alone, The Gunners boast a following of over 75 million across their socials, from celebrities to sporting icons, people from all walks of life proudly represent Arsenal.

And a majority of them are passionate about it too, after all, they endured through the club’s banter era without switching allegiances, which in itself is quite the accomplishment.

Referring back to the 75m + figure, Arsenal support online is immense, just try and start a debate around one of their players, the Gooner brigade will pop in soon enough. 

Sheer numbers alone make their fanbase a force to be reckoned with, something which has left Strictly Come Dancing viewers absolutely rattled. 

Upon first glance, that sentence might come off as bizarre, but it still remains every bit as true, viewers of the dancing show and fans of Arsenal FC are indeed at a crossroads.

And it all has to do with Arsenal legend and celebrity dancer Tony Adams.

The 56-year-old enjoyed a glorious spell at Highbury and notched up plenty of silverware.

Following his retirement, Adams dabbled with football management for a while before hanging up his whistle, and now, the former centre back has picked up a pair of dancing shoes instead. 

For the past eight weeks, Adams and dance partner Katya Jones have been starring on BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing, much to the chagrin of the programme’s die-hard audience. 

Like any competitive television show, the programme lets fans vote for their favorite duo and help them progress further. 

Being an Arsenal legend, Adams has had a very clear advantage, as the voting always seems to favor him and his dance partner. 

Needless to say, this is no miracle, instead, it is the work of thousands of dedicated Gooners voting for their man every week.

The biased voting has led to quite an uproar amongst the programme’s audience, as Adams happens to be a pretty sub-par dancer.

In fact, the judges’ panel have dished out poor scores for the duo’s performances on numerous occasions, meaning that the voting is quite literally keeping them alive in the contest.

Outbursts from die-hard fans online have been raining in, especially after the duo managed to survive yet again due to fan votes last night.

While dancing enthusiasts are only seeing Red, Arsenal fans are absolutely revelling in the chaos.

This entire topic could easily be mistaken for some absurd fan fiction, but here we are.