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Jamie O’Hara takes aim at Arsenal for postponing NLD – and it backfires big time

Jamie O’Hara takes aim at Arsenal for postponing NLD – and it backfires big time

Recently, a topic of discussion that has been on everyone’s lips in the football world is the impact of COVID-19.

Positive cases across Europe continue to increase and naturally, this affects sporting events throughout the continent.

Among the victims of the seemingly endless wave, is the global spectacle that is Premier League football.

Heading into an already congested New Year schedule, clubs now face additional issues in the form of COVID concerns, leading to the postponement of fixtures.

The latest casualty of this is the much-awaited North London Derby between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

The Gunners appealed to the league board for a delay in the fixture one which was accepted, leading to quite a bit of outrage from fans.

Among the displeased was Talksport pundit and Spurs fan Jamie O’Hara.

The 35-year-old was previously a football player and even a part of the Arsenal academy back in 2003.

Due to a lacklustre stint at the Gunners, he then transitioned to rivals Spurs’ academy the following year.

Unfortunately, the midfielder had to revisit the unsavoury memory following an interaction with a fan on Twitter.

After the announcement of the delay, O’Hara took to Twitter and let his annoyance be known, questioning the purpose of youth academies when youth players aren’t utilized in times like these.

Gooners online did not take the comment lying down and hit back.

One user was especially harsh with his retort as he reminded O’Hara of the turbulent spell he endured at Arsenal, which eventually ended with him switching academies.

He also mentioned a certain Cesc Fabregas, the player O’Hara was replaced with, although it’s safe to say the Spaniard was lightyears ahead of the Englishman in terms of ability.