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Arsenal fans’ dislike for all things Tottenham was on full display after Aaron Ramsey’s goal

Arsenal fans’ dislike for all things Tottenham was on full display after Aaron Ramsey’s goal

When it comes to dispute, there are two ways to go about it – All or Nothing.

Take the example of Hans Island, which is basically a large rock located in a wide channel of water separating Canada and Denmark. The island is contested over in a manner never seen before in terms of disputed territories. It all started when Canada left a bottle of Canadian Whiskey on the island and declared the territory. Denmark, in turn, responded by leaving a bottle a Peach Schnapps on the island and declaring the territory Danish. This is an example of the “Nothing” approach.

Exhibit B: The North London Derby – the hotly contested derby between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. The North London Derby has an almost Dennis-the-Menace kind of notoriety associated with it. The fixture has never been known to roll the Hans Island way, though.

Here is an example of the “All” approach –

As Aaron Ramsey scored his final derby goal for Arsenal in Saturday’s North London Derby at Wembley, the crowd erupted in a furor.

Arsenal fans went completely berserk as the Welshman breezed through the Spurs defense and rounded off Hugo Lloris to put the Gunners up in the 16th minute.

It was a moment that seemed to reverberate through the crowd of Arsenal fans. Pick any person from the sea of Arsenal supporters at that moment and anyone watching the derby for the first time would be forgiven if they thought that the place looked less like Wembley stadium and more like a warzone.

Arsenal fans’ disdain for the Lilywhites was evident as the sea of supporters rose with an adrenaline rush to jeer and throw jibes at the Spurs supporters.

The drama didn’t end there, however. Hugo Lloris turned savior in the dying minutes of the game as he saved a Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang penalty.

The draw left Tottenham in 3rd place, effectively ending their hopes of a title challenge, but did provide some respite to Mauricio Pochettino’s men following two successive away defeats at Burnley and Chelsea.


Tuesday 5th of March 2019

We must indulge the "emi-rats" there brain meltdow,..(nothing new there?)...shame really,..but LOVED there reaction to the "penalty" shambles that Lloris saved, cat takes better penaltys than that,...still theres always the "ropey league ",.to look forward to,..remember,when Spurs were in it, was rubbish? the deluded gooners are in it,its even bigger rubbish!..COYS!!


Tuesday 5th of March 2019

If the Arsenal fans and players had brains they would be dangerous.!!!

Alfie Noakes

Tuesday 5th of March 2019

Strange that the rat infested effiminates is so quiet. Loved the videos they all posted of the Overthebarmyang penalty miss. Pure genius. The gift that never stops giving.

Big Mal

Tuesday 5th of March 2019

Impressive to get so many morons in one video