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Santan Dave Launches 2 New Dope Collabs With Stone Island And Adriano

Santan Dave Launches 2 New Dope Collabs With Stone Island And Adriano

David Orobosa Omoregie, also known as Santan Dave or just Dave, is a British rapper who has brought the world of football and fashion together to create and promote a new jersey.

In the latest edition of Santan Cup, which was hosted by Rio de Janeiro earlier in the month for the first time in Brazil, Dave wore the new kit which came as a collaboration between clothing lines New Balance & Stone Island.

The tournament, since its inception in 2017, has become an important event in the footballing culture which invites UK’s most influential faces to play ball together.

Santan Dave donning his newly launched jersey via TRENDHUNTER

New Balance, the Boston-based manufacturer, are world-renowned for its sports footwear and apparel.

They hold the distinguished role of being the official sponsors for the tournament and very rightly showcased the mutual creation with the Italian brand.

Stone Island co-signed the jersey for Dave’s team, with a golden colour palette accompanied by speckles of black detailing coated throughout. A camo-styled pattern with mellow tones featured both the brand’s logos and a Stone Island compass crest.

Dave also promoted his own merchandising line, “Psycho” by unveiling a t-shirt linking up with Brazilian legend Adriano.

The colour palette of green hue is kept in line with Brazil’s national flag and the main design is portrayed at the back featuring the former Inter Milan striker’s illustration with the customary branding of “Psycho.”

This isn’t the rapper’s first rodeo into the world of the beautiful game.

During the month of July 2021, he made a surprise visit to Hotel Football, right next to Old Trafford.

Manchester United are his beloved team and he decided to head over to their home turf for an impromptu album launch of “We’re All Alone In This Together”.

He ended up performing on his keyboard and signing copies of his album for the 1000-odd fans that had gathered. It was also declared number one on Spotify’s Global Top 10 Debuts list, capturing the biggest new releases on the streaming service.

Dave broke into a performance for his fans. Credits: Manchester Evening News

Santan Dave also composed a song called “Thiago Silva” along with fellow British artist, AJ Tracey in 2016.

The lyrics consisted of the names of well-renowned South American footballers such as Kaka, Kun Aguero and of course, Thiago Silva.

The album art featured the defender in his Paris St. Germain colours.

Album art for “Thiago Silva”

It made the headlines when a fan named Alex Mann, at the Glastonbury festival in 2019 performed the entire rendition on stage with Dave, keeping up with the prolific musician. He later received a signed jersey from his favourite footballer as well.

Dave & Alex Mann at the Glastonbury festival. Image by Daily Mail

Football and musicians have often crossed paths, attracting fans across the industry to mingle and become a part of something greater. Rappers like Dave are the young guns who have taken the initiative to cross over to the other as much as they can.

Proactiveness, easily approachable attitude and creativity drive the growth of these artists in the 21st century for whom, fame has become a side product of their jobs.