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UK Rapper Santan Dave Rips Into Sunday League Over 14-Match Ban

UK Rapper Santan Dave Rips Into Sunday League Over 14-Match Ban

UK rapper Santan Dave has gained a lot of popularity among football fans over the last few years. He’s a Manchester United fan who is good mates with a lot of the club’s former or current players.

The rapper’s slick songs have made fans out of many footballers and his friendly nature has helped him link up with a number of big names.

Dave has become a really popular rapper in the UK over the last few years, with both of his studio albums reaching the no.1 album charts in the country and selling like hotcakes.

Santan Dave with Jadon Sancho

His music has resonated with a number of Manchester United’s players, with the likes of Marcus Rashford, Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard often voicing their love for his art.

While he might be a rapper by profession, Dave is a huge football fan and follows every one of United’s matches. He also loves playing the sport, as is the case for many people in England.

The rapper, of course, doesn’t have the quality or time to be a professional football while also looking to progress his musical career.

But he keeps himself well occupied in the beautiful game by playing at the Sunday League level in England.

The Sunday Leagues are an amateur competition in English football where matches are held on Sunday than the usual Saturday. Anyone can play in it, as long as selected and registered by the teams involved in it.

Dave plays in the Sunday League as he likes to have a kick about during the weekends to keep himself occupied. But the English rapper recently revealed that the was handed a shocking 14-game ban by the organizers of the Sunday League for something truly bizarre.

Explaining the situation in a series of hilarious Instagram posts, Dave wrote: “Only 7 games left of this stupid 14 game ban this stupid league I’m in put me on be when I back trust me its peak.

“Okay seeing as you wanna know why I got banned. I got a 3 game ban for an argument in a match, (excessive, right?) f*** it. Then I was meant to be suspended but cause it was so long between games in the pandemic I forgot, played on a ban then I got a 14 game ban.

“This weird ass league and this weirdo board keep sending me emails about fines and zooms and I’m like, sorry Ken from the league but I’m a little busy being Bruce Wayne rn I need you to back off a little bit you know what I mean?

“Then they try and fine us triple cause I ain’t paid on time and I’m like yo, aight whatever bro, but because our team has the backing of Sheikh investors (me), they know fines aren’t the way to hurt us so they decided to cut off the head of the snake and ban me like I killed someone.”

Dave capped off this insane recounting of his ban by posting a screenshot of Luis Suarez’s infamous ban during his time at Liverpool when he got an eight-game ban for racially abusing ex-Manchester United defender Patrice Evra.

He tried to mirror how his ban was even longer than that given to Suarez for a racial abuse charge, just because he argued with an official.

Dave also promised ‘to do better’ going forward, as this ridiculous ban proves just how silly the Sunday League rules can be at times.