Not sure if LFC or Love Island as former GF of Harvey Elliott is now pregnant with another Liverpool player’s baby

A peculiar reshuffle has taken place at Liverpool, involving two fellow academy graduates, and their partner. 

Akin to a re-coupling as seen on the popular British TV show Love Island, the two players have undergone a similar switch. 

Harvey Elliott, who has become a first-team regular for the Reds, was reportedly dating Instagram Model Alicia Maria Peraza, with reports dating back to just a few months ago. 

However, that is certainly no longer the case, as the model is now in a relationship with Harvey Blair, another LFC academy player. 

For the uninitiated, Alicia is an Instagram model and social media influencer hailing from Honduras. Boasting a following of over 45,000, her content mainly revolves around fashion-related posts, alongside snaps of her visits to various international destinations. The 19-year-old also has a pet dog named Leo.

Her recent Instagram posts focus on one specific aspect, her pregnancy. 

That’s right, not only has the model parted ways with Elliott, but now she’s also pregnant with Blair’s child. 

The seemingly sudden change had Liverpool fans baffled, who proceeded to offer their takes on how events may have unfolded. 

As for the midfielder’s current partner, rumours have suggested that Instagram influencer Emelia Scarlett may be it. Needless to say, Alicia and Elliott are a thing of the past.