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How Harvey Elliott became the first footballer to call out disgraced Mason Greenwood

How Harvey Elliott became the first footballer to call out disgraced Mason Greenwood

Not many are fortunate enough to play for Liverpool at the age of 18, but luckily, Harvey Elliott has the talent to back it up.

Harvey is one of the brightest talents in England. He made his debut for Liverpool back in 2019 in a league cup tie against MK Dons where he played the full 90 minutes.

This season, Elliott had been out with injury for one and a half months, but the match against Cardiff in the FA Cup saw him return to playing for the Reds.

Fame at an early age doesn’t treat everyone right, and Harvey’s personal life is an example of that.

At the age of 16, a screenshot was revealed by Harvey’s then-girlfriend which showed him getting mad at his girlfriend for following Trent Alexander-Arnold, Curtis Jones and Rhian Brewster, his fellow teammates at Liverpool.

Allegedly, Harvey had also made a fake account on TikTok which he used to defend himself after he cheated on the same girlfriend.

A couple of years later, Harvey has landed himself in yet another controversy.

His current girlfriend, Emelia Scarlett, posted a photo of herself on Instagram and Manchester United fans were there to make it about Harvey Elliott.

A Manchester United fan made a comment on Harvey, saying, “No way Elliot has had more girls in 2022 than goals in the prem.”

Elliott gave a scathing reply, “same girl since last year bro you United fans are all the same…no clue about anything…however I do know how to treat them right unlike some…so focus on you ting my g.”

Many suspect Harvey is talking about Mason Greenwood in his now-deleted comment, thus becoming the first footballer to call out the disgraced Man United player.

Greenwood was arrested in January over suspicion of rape and assault of his then-girlfriend Harriet Robson who was brave enough to post the evidence on Instagram.

Fans have criticised Elliott for falling for an online troll, claiming it was ‘immature’ and ‘he needs media training’.

Harvey is an adult now so his irrational behaviour is less likely to be excused in the eyes of the public. It remains to be seen what his entourage does behind the scenes to better train him for scenarios like these.