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How Cristiano Ronaldo’s Siu Made Its Way Onto Love Island

How Cristiano Ronaldo’s Siu Made Its Way Onto Love Island

Over the years, football fans have been treated to countless iconic goal celebrations from players. From Peter Crouch’s robot dance to Leo Messi’s shirt celebration at the Bernabeu, these evocative moments have stayed on with fans ever since they were displayed for the first time.

But no other celebration perhaps comes close enough to Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Siuu” which has remained an iconic footballing memory since the Portuguese international first performed it.

During a friendly tie between Chelsea and Real Madrid, CR7 rolled out this unique celebration after having scored a goal against the Blues. The word “Siuu” or “Siii” is “yes” in Spanish and has been used by Ronaldo to motivate and celebrate himself following a goal. Since then, the “Siuu” became an integral part of his Real Madrid career as well as his stint with Juventus later on.

His much-anticipated return to Manchester United last season sparked a sharp rise in the celebration’s popularity undoubtedly caused by the countless United supporters in Britain and worldwide. Moreover, the Siuu has also become a popular hit on social media with not just other footballers and fans rather even athletes of other sports (Tokyo Olympics, Australian Open) welcoming the iconic move.

Now it looks like the celebration’s popularity has gone beyond the sporting world and into even the reality television genre as one of the contestants from the current season’s Love Island was spotted pulling out the signature step.

Englishman Luca Bish who is a fishmonger from Brighton was the one to launch into Ronaldo’s “Siuu” when he was informed of the viewers’ decision to pair him up for a date with Turkish actress and contestant Ekin-Su.

In the footage from the latest episode, Luca can be seen doing the Ronaldo celebration while some of the other male contestants encourage him by shouting “Siuu” which is also a reference to Luca’s date, Ekin-Su.