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Former Arsenal Player Nicklas Bendtner Turns Heads with Tiger Mullet Hairdo on Danish TV

Former Arsenal Player Nicklas Bendtner Turns Heads with Tiger Mullet Hairdo on Danish TV

Nicklas Bendtner is probably fondly remembered for his years at Arsenal, where Arsene Wenger picked him up from the youth system to make him a first-team regular. Bendtner spent nine years with the Gunners, scoring some memorable goals.

But the Danish forward became a bit of a meme among the Arsenal fans for his memorable missed chances. He was nicknamed as ‘Lord Bendtner’ for his strange inconsistency and tendency to mess up when it mattered the most.

After making over 100 appearances for Arsenal in which he scored 47 goals, he left in 2014 and went onto play for clubs like Juventus, Wolfsburg, Nottingham Forest before ending his career at FC Copenhagen in 2019.

Bendtner retired at the age of 31 and seems to have transitioned into a successful pundit now. The 36-year-old ex-Denmark international has been roped in as a pundit by TV 2, which is the Danish government-owned TV station that has acquired the rights to broadcast Euro 2024. It also has the rights to telecast all of Denmark’s matches, including the friendly games ahead of the competition.

During Denmark’s 2-1 win over Sweden in a pre-Euro 2024 friendly, Bendtner made an appearance with a rather surprising hairstyle.

Normally throughout his career, the Danish forward opted to keep a short, spiky hairstyle and didn’t really mess around with it much. But now free from his playing days, he appears to be trying out different things to see which suits him the best.

Bendtner seemed to be rocking a Tiger Mullet hair-do in the Denmark-Sweden clash during his punditry duties. A tiger mullet is a unique hairstyle that it involves the person to style their lengthy hair into a mullet (which is a style where the hair is cut short at the front, top and sides but is much longer at the back of the head).

The person who made this Tiger Mullet style popular was actually the ‘Tiger King’ aka Joe Exotic of the popular Netflix series. But Bendtner appears to be actually pulling off this style really well, as he’s shaped his hair in a really slick fashion to make it perfectly shape up with his head.

A lot of fans are impressed with how good the 36-year-old really looks with this unique hair-do. In fact, there are some who are actually comparing him to look really similar to ex-England forward Chris Waddle – who also decided to keep a similar Tiger Mullet style for a certain point of time during the 1980s.

There are also some fans who are taking the opportunity to make fun of the ex-Danish striker by comparing him with cartoon characters. He’s being likened to look similar to the villain of the film ‘Despicable Me 3’ called ‘Balthazar Bratt’ – who also donned a crazy mullet hairstyle in the animated movie.

When it comes to the Denmark fans, there seems to be a sense of pleasure to see Bendtner on screen as a pundit on the TV 2 channel. Despite all his issues at the club level, he scored 30 goals at the international level for his national team and remains a pretty popular figure among the local Danish people. Bendtner has probably intentionally gotten this hairstyle fixed before Euro 2024.

That is because he’s expected to feature regularly on TV 2 during the competition, especially in the matches featuring the national team. Hence, fans will probably get to see lots more of the ‘Lord’ and his glorious hairstyle over the next month or so.