(Video) Le Parisien journo takes Ernesto Valverde to the cleaners for starting Ivan Rakitic against Real Madrid

FC Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde has not been receiving too much love from those around the Camp Nou recently.

The Spanish tactician has been at the receiving end of fan fury for some time now and following Wednesday’s stalemate in the El Clasico, the calls to sack him have been growing louder and louder.

Barca fans have been at his case since the season began with many feeling that the club is stalling under his stewardship and in danger of facing another mediocre season if he is not replaced soon.

Fans seemed especially aghast at some of his tactical decisions for the all important match against Real and the Spaniard did himself no favors with another thoroughly unconvincing post match presser after the first goalless meeting between the sides since the early 2000s.

Mirroring the concerns of several fans, French journalist Julien Laurens also took a pop at the manager by pointing out how his decision to employ Ivan Rakitic at the center of the park was a disastrous one.

The Croatian midfielder has also seen his stock with Barca fans fall after a huge dip in form and supporters were absolutely livid to see him start the game instead of Sergio Busquets.

The journo from French newspaper ‘Le Parisien’ spoke with the passion of a true Barca supporter as he went about criticising Valverde’s decisions during a post match analysis after the El Classico and has gained the support of other supporters after a clip of his analysis made it to Reddit.

Check out a clip of Laurens’ passionate arguments here: