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The Non-Traditional Route Adidas Could Take For 23/24 Bayern Munich Home Kit

The Non-Traditional Route Adidas Could Take For 23/24 Bayern Munich Home Kit

At the start of the year, we would never have guessed the fact that we would have to write these many Bayern Munich jersey articles. 

First, there was a piece about the extremely good-looking third kit, along with the creative away kit and the classic home kit.

Then, there was one about the beautiful fourth kit, followed by another about the divisive Olympiastadion kit.

Now, we have another. And this one is packing a bigger punch than any of those that came before.

According to FootyHeadlines, a leak of Adidas‘ internal data has suggested some ideas that could be revolutionary for modern Bayern Munich fans.

The Adidas Bayern Munich 2023-2024 home kit features the club’s traditional colours, but in a unique combination. The home shirt for Bayern 23-24 is labelled “White/Red,” with White being the dominant colour in Adidas’ internal information.

The home kit will most likely have two design options: a red shirt with white sleeves or a white shirt with red sleeves.

The red shirt could look something like this –

While the white shirt could be something like this –

This deviates far from what we usually associate Bayern Munich with, which is a full red or full white jersey with faint silhouettes of the other colour. 

Is this something Bayern has done before? In fact, they have – during the 2003–04 season, over 20 years ago, FC Bayern wore a red home shirt with white sleeves. This new jersey may be a nod to the vintage design.

There are some issues here though. With curved edges and solid sleeves, this kit is more reminiscent of Puma’s 2014 Arsenal jersey than any other jersey we have seen so far.

And that era of Arsenal jerseys was often called one of the ugliest. This was because the fit made the player’s body look very different to how they normally look, and it looked weird.

Additionally, the kit lacks the essence of Bayern Munich, i.e., the stripes. Even the 2003/04 kit had it, almost every home kit has had them in some or the other way, whether it be vertical, horizontal, on the sides, or elsewhere. Revolutionary is one word for it.

Bayern needs to tread carefully here, as being revolutionary has not worked out so well for them in recent times.

Back in 2018, they went with the bold idea of including blue in their home kit, and it was a blasting failure. Fans were outraged, as blue was the colour of their rivals Munich 1860, and in such numbers that Bayern made a vow to never add the colour to their home kit again.

As always, views are divided on it. Although there is a general agreement that red looks good, white is where people are a little undecided.

Some are tired of seeing the same design every year and are ecstatic to see these new designs break into the foray.

Either way, the old Bayern fans got some nostalgia rushing in by looking at this, so the throwback is clearly working.

The official kits would be released a long time later, and for now, all the focus stays on the World Cup.