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Adidas To Release Retro Bayern Munich Kit With Old-School Three Stripes

Adidas To Release Retro Bayern Munich Kit With Old-School Three Stripes

Fußball-Club Bayern München or simply, FC Bayern Munich – is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of their opponents. Just ask Barcelona.

In the footballing world, the German club are one of the giants of their business. They won a record 32 out of 59 titles since the inception of the domestic league Bundesliga.

Additionally, they have been crowned the best in Europe 6 times, behind Real Madrid & AC Milan and keeping Liverpool company.

The Bavarians are known for their ruthless playing style with clinical prowess in front of the goal, dominating their competitors and controlling the pace of the game.

They are also known for donning some iconic kits with their home colours traditionally being the majority of red with dashes of white.

Adidas are the official designer and has been with the club since 1974. They are now releasing a lifestyle collection inspired by a fan-favourite shirt from the 1993-1995 season, dropping in stores by early 2023.

The jersey will have yellow as the primary colour with a green v-neck and tri-coloured block stripes consisting of black, green & black near the waists.

Although similar to the inspiration, the new concept looks far more symmetrical when compared to the original.

The remake also marks the return of the classic three stripes branding.

Such kind of extravagant patterns were visible on Adidas kits in the olden days, but due to a certain rule made by FIFA, they or any other manufacturers aren’t allowed to display the brand’s logo or forms of identification anywhere else other than the front and the sleeves.

Additionally, only a few selected positions and symbols from the designers are actually authorized to be visible on the shirt as per the governing body’s regulations.

Adidas though turned some heads with the home kit for South Africa club Orlando Pirates back in 2017, where the branding was put on the strictly prohibited region of the collars since they don’t fall under FIFA’s umbrella.

The design showed what could happen if FIFA were more lenient with their Equipment Regulations handbook.

Coming back to the new range, it seems Adidas are planing to release their Elite Teams Retro pack with Juventus, Real Madrid, Manchester United & Arsenal as well, rightly naming them “Icon Collection.”

They all follow the same template, but the variations are based on the club’s home colours from mostly the 1990s years.

The kits, unfortunately, won’t be worn by the playing XI of any of the clubs, but we might see them in action in their respective training grounds.

Fans will be rubbing their lips at the sight of these and undoubtedly look to get their hands on them as soon as possible.