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Photo Of 19-YO Fabinho Looking WAY Older Than His Age Shocks Fans

Photo Of 19-YO Fabinho Looking WAY Older Than His Age Shocks Fans

Liverpool‘s misery continued yesterday, as they conceded a shock defeat to Leeds United at Anfield.

It was a jarring evening for fans, with the game displaying exactly how poor Liverpool’s fortunes have become.

Despite their shaky form as of late, The Reds were expected to comfortably pick up all 3 points against a struggling Leeds, who are currently pondering on sacking manager Jesse Marsch.

All the context went out the window when Rodrigo pounced upon a horrific mistake from Joe Gomez and gave Leeds the advantage, with just 4 minutes on the clock.

Mo Salah found the equalizer 10 minutes later, however, it failed to liven up the hosts. Leeds’ intense press seemed to stifle Liverpool at times, forcing them to go long.

In contrast, the Peacocks managed to stitch up plenty of opportunities but lacked the clinical edge.

The aggressive approach did leave spaces behind for Liverpool to exploit, meaning that the status quo continuously switched back and forth.

Eventually, it all came down to the final minutes of the game, when Crysencio Summerville’s poked effort managed to creep past Allison, giving Leeds a famous win.

Following the game, incensed Liverpool fans pointed their fingers in all directions, and essentially every player came under their crosshairs.

Among them was Brazilian midfielder Fabinho, who has certainly been off it so far this season.

The 29-year-old has lacked sharpness all season, which for fans points towards a decline. 

One of the primary narratives around Liverpool’s struggles has been about the deficiencies of an aging midfield.

And with Fabinho’s drop in intensity, fans have tossed him into the same bracket.

A hilarious discussion broke out online regarding the Brazilian’s real age, and it all happened after an image of teenage Fabinho popped up on Twitter.

Dating back to his days at RM Castilla (Real Madrid’s reserve team) the image displays a 19-year-old Fabinho, who, frankly, looks all but youthful.

Users on Twitter felt the same way and jokingly suggested a case of age fraud on the Brazilian’s part.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact element that makes teenage Fabinho appear so aged, perhaps it has a bit to do with his evidently receding hairline.

Thank God he shaved it off eh?

What ended up more startling was his position at the time, as the 6’2 Brazilian used to play as a right-sided fullback.

Just imagining the sight of a towering 19-year-old galloping up and down the pitch gives us jitters.

Fortunately, his transition into midfield came soon after, and he saw plenty of success.

Nevertheless, things at the moment aren’t going so swimmingly and a change in form is desperately required, for both Fabinho and Liverpool.