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Chelsea Forward Kai Havertz Customises Shin Pads To Feature His 3 Dogs

Chelsea Forward Kai Havertz Customises Shin Pads To Feature His 3 Dogs

Chelsea forward Kai Havertz‘s love for animals is fairly well-documented, and the 23-year-old regularly shares details and pictures of his many pets.

As per the man himself, his adoration for animals dates back to his childhood. The Havertz household was filled with pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, and even a horse.

Kai was even gifted a Donkey for his 9th Birthday, and for his 17th, he received a partnership with rescue donkeys.

One of his first decisions after moving to London was to adopt a Golden retriever named Baloo, which actually helped him settle into his new surroundings.

The former Leverkusen player isn’t typically keen on sharing details about his private life, but when he does, it’s usually surrounding his adorable pets.

And while that in itself illustrates Havertz’s love for animals, his latest gesture goes even further in cementing that notion.

It all has to do with the player’s shinpads, as spotted before Chelsea’s recent fixture against Brighton.

This image captured in the dressing room shows off his customized shinpads, designed by specialists 4kickerz.

Usually, players opt to have images of their shirt numbers, club crests, and families on shinpads, with Havertz doing the same but with a slight twist.

The left shin was fairly routine and displayed a portrait of Havertz alongside his partner Sofia Weber.

The right one on the other hand was rather unique, as it displayed a portrait featuring the German International’s 3 dogs, namely Summer, Pooh, and Baloo.

Wearing images of dogs on your shin isn’t exactly common in football just yet but we dig the idea, after all, dogs are part of the extended family.

Unfortunately, the wholesome shinpads didn’t have an ideal debut, as Chelsea were battered 4-1 by Brighton 

Havertz did manage to nick a consolation goal, so perhaps the new gear managed to bring just an ounce of luck.