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The Bayern Concept Kit Paying Homage to Franz Beckenbauer Fans Can’t Stop Raving About

The Bayern Concept Kit Paying Homage to Franz Beckenbauer Fans Can’t Stop Raving About

FC Bayern Munich (FCB) is a club with a legacy to envy. Over its almost century-and-a-quarter-year-old existence, it has turned out to be the most successful German club ever.

Among the legends that the club has produced Franz Beckenbauer stands apart. He was the one who helped established Bayern’s throne in the German football. Aptly he was nicknamed “Der Kaiser,” which translates to “The Emperor” in English.

It is sad to find out that he didn’t get to witness the quasquicentennial anniversary of his beloved club and passed away on 7th of January.

He was one of the only three people who have won a World Cup both as a player and as a coach. To pay homage to such an extraordinary figure, an FCB a fan has created a custom tribute jersey.

User Ronan, with twitter handle @roro_fcb does Bayern edits and this time he has brought to life this tribute idea.

The jersey uses the massive classic vertical stripes of the 70s era which Franz used to rock. The colors red and white have been used alternatively. Adidas had introduced similar stripes back in the 2010-11 season.

The Red color used in the concept is of a darker shade which if you are believe the leaks, is going to be the color used in the next season’s Bayern home kit.

The sleeve hems and collar are drawn in the same shade of darker red too.

Adidas has been a partner of Bayern since time immemorable and even owns a percentage share in the club. So, the original Adidas logo has been brought back for this kit. The red Trefoil sits on the white striper on the right.

As for the Bayern logo, according to the creator of the kit, it is from the time Beckenbauer started playing for Bayern.

It is a partitioned circle with the top quarter having the words ‘Bayern’ imprinted in a pool of red while the rest of it supports the blue and white Bavarian checkered flag. The club logo sits on the usual left side.

As for the front of the shirt sponsor, Deutsche Telekom’s ‘T’ with dots on either side has been chosen. It is the current shirt sponsor of Bayern.

The fans have extreme amount of respect for the great defender. They want to show their gratitude in any way possible. They want Bayern to make this kit a reality in memory of Franz.

Donning this jersey with the name “der Kaiser” and the number 5 on the back doesn’t seem too bad of an idea.