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Why Kyle Walker Considered Leaving Man City for Bayern Munich?

Why Kyle Walker Considered Leaving Man City for Bayern Munich?

Manchester City star Kyle Walker recently admitted that he came close to leaving the Premier League champions for Bayern Munich amid revelations about his personal life.

The English defender, known for his contributions to City’s successful campaigns, opened up about his struggles and almost making a move to the German giants.

Walker candidly disclosed that family conflicts played a significant role in his contemplation of a move to Bayern Munich.

The 33-year-old has been under public scrutiny after news surfaced that he fathered a second child with British reality TV star Lauryn Goodman while still married to Annie Kilner.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Walker expressed remorse for his actions, acknowledging the pain and hurt he has caused to his family.

Despite being on the verge of joining the illustrious Bayern Munich, Walker ultimately chose to remain at Manchester City, emphasizing his commitment to the team and expressing gratitude for the support he has received.

“I was very close to moving. I was going to a big club, a huge club. But in the end, if I’m in Germany and I find myself alone… There’s pain and emotion right now, but I can go home, take the kids to school, and my little boy to soccer,” Walker revealed.

The defender is currently living alone in a rented £3million mansion after separating from Annie Kilner. The couple, who had been together for 12 years, is now navigating through a challenging period following Walker’s admission of “idiot choices” and taking “full responsibility” for his mistakes.

Despite the tumultuous situation, Walker remains a key player for Manchester City, contributing to their ongoing success on the field.

The revelation sheds light on the personal struggles faced by professional athletes and the impact it can have on their careers and personal lives.