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The Blazing Rows That Tore Apart Kyle Walker And His Wife Annie Kilner

The Blazing Rows That Tore Apart Kyle Walker And His Wife Annie Kilner

Manchester City captain Kyle Walker had a dream 2023 in which he achieved the rare feat of winning a European Treble with the Cityzens.

He’s widely considered one of the best full-backs in Europe, being renowned for his pace and defensive work on the wide areas.

While Walker might be a dependable player on the pitch, his family life seems to be in tatters.

It now appears that things might have reached a boiling part between the England international and his wife Annie Kilner.

Annie Kilner
Annie Kilner

Kilner recently made a post on her social media, confirming that she has decided to separate from Walker for the time being.

She wrote: “I am posting this in response to growing recent media enquiries about my marriage to Kyle and in an effort to protect my family against the intensity of the media spotlight.

“Sadly, after many years of marriage and three wonderful children together, I have decided to take some time away from Kyle. I do not wish to comment on the position any further. For now, I ask that the privacy of myself and our 3 young children is respected during this difficult time.”

Walker and Kilner are actually childhood sweethearts who have known each other for a long time, but the Manchester City defender’s promiscuous nature seems to have taken a toll on his wife.

Walker has been accused of cheating a number of times over the past few years and actually separated with Kilner in the past too.

The two have been in a relationship since 2010, but have gone through a number of rocky phases in his career.

Walker was initially actually ditched by Kilner in 2019, after being caught sleeping with UK model and Ex on the Beach star Laura Brown in his Bentley.

Kyle Walker had an affair with Laura Brown
Kyle Walker had an affair with Laura Brown

Apparently after that controversy, Walker was kicked out of his home by Annie and then got embroiled in even more controversy.

The Manchester City star attracted a lot of criticism in 2020 after it was discovered that he had broken Covid-19 lockdown rules in the UK by inviting multiple sex workers to his apartment where he stayed after Annie had kicked him out of their home.

Walker and his friend reportedly paid over £2,000 for escorts Louise McNamara and a Brazilian woman to visit his house during the height of the Covid-19 lockdown in the country.

Louise McNamara
Louise McNamara

He apologized for the same, but it didn’t seem like Walker stopped with the cheating on his partner. During the time that he was separated from Kilner, Kyle had reportedly started an affair with UK influencer Lauryn Goodman for a period of time.

They allegedly got intimate for a significant part of time and were quite close before Walker managed to patch things up with Kilner and get back with her.

He then reportedly confessed with his fling with Goodman to his partner, whom he only got married to in 2022 after a lengthy relationship.

Lauryn Goodman and Kyle Walker
Lauryn Goodman

It has now been speculated that Walker is the father of Goodman’s two daughters, but they have tried to keep it a secret.

The British Influencer has given a few clues about this, with one of her daughter’s named Kairo Walker and she also posted a picture of her baby wearing the no.2 Manchester City shirt too.

Not only this, but the Manchester City star has also reportedly bought a mansion for Goodman and her two children in 2023 amid the controversy around his marriage.  

Moreover, Walker was also caught in another embarrassing incident in March 2023 where he exposed himself to a woman in a bar and even got intimate with another woman, who was not his wife.

It now seems like Annie Kilner is totally done with the England international after seemingly being cheated on multiple times in their relationship.

Whether or not this affects Walker’s performances on the pitch, however, remains to be seen but his personal life seems to be in a mess right now.