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Photo – Liverpool fans are in awe of this away kit concept in purple/gold

Photo – Liverpool fans are in awe of this away kit concept in purple/gold

The month of March dawns upon the football world as various Premier League clubs buckle up for the final stretch of the season.

This also spells the time when the fans get to have an exclusive look at their team’s future kits as leaks of various club’s 20/21 outfits have popped up online.

Many designers, as well as the fans themselves, take this opportunity to showcase their own talent, resulting in some of the most eye-catching displays we’ve seen, as already demonstrated in the recent Spurs and Arsenal concept kits.

Now, it’s time for Liverpool fans to relish as Twitter user @_ZieDaen decided to inject his creativity to present them with a rejuvenated away concept kit for the 20/21 season, photoshopped over Mohamed Salah.

With an interesting choice of design palette, the kit comprises a neat midnight purple base along with contrasting golden templates over the sleeves, collars and logos to provide an overall alluring look.

Needless to say, Liverpool fans were duly mesmerized by the new design-

The overall outfit certainly packs a punch as the visualization has been a reason for genuine enthusiasm amongst LFC fans and they’d expect Nike to present an equivalent, if not a better model for the Reds next season.

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