The Nike designs making waves this week feat. Barcelona, Arsenal and Chelsea concept kits

Concept kits are all the rage on social media right now, as the best designers on Twitter are churning out extremely innovative kits for their favourite clubs.

Most of these kits often end up being applauded more than the actual kits for the respective clubs – as has been in the case of the Barcelona, Arsenal and Chelsea concept kits that have been doing the rounds all through the week.

The Barcelona concept kit in discussion features the familiar Blaugrana colours of the Catalan club but features them in an unprecedented texture. The kit follows the unconventional template where both the manufacturer’s logo and the club crest are in the centre of the kit – placed above the principal sponsors.

The familiar Barcelona crest is also featured in an innovative way where the full name is spelt out instead of just the ‘FCB’ initials – while the writing on the kit, as well as the collar and the sleeves are emblazoned in gold. The shirt received a very positive reaction from the Barcelona fans on Twitter, who were very thrilled with the design of the kit.

The Arsenal concept kit in discussion is a third kit collaboration with Nike. The kit is clad in maroon, while the manufacturers’ logo is stylized in a way that they have been on the third kits that Nike has come up with in recent years.

The club’s crest only features the familiar cannon instead of the complete crest, and the manufacturers’ logo, the crest and the principal sponsor are all accented in gold. The collar features a v-neck shape – also bordered by elements of gold.

The Chelsea concept kit in discussion is an Air Jordan collaboration with Nike. The kit features gold accents on a black background – as the Air Jordan logo, the club crest and the principal sponsors’ logo are all emblazoned in gold on the black shirt.

The club crest only features the familiar lion that is synonymous with the west London outfit, as it offers a new outlook on the kits put out by the club in recent times – attracting a lot of accolades from their fans online.