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3 Chelsea x Air Jordan Concept Kits Fans Can’t Stop Drooling Over

3 Chelsea x Air Jordan Concept Kits Fans Can’t Stop Drooling Over

Chelsea are reportedly in line to partner with Air Jordan, a subsidiary of Nike, to be part of some alternate jerseys for the club going forward. Nike has been the shirt manufacturer for the Blues since 2017 and are currently tied down to remain as Chelsea’s shirt sponsor until 2032.

Now, Air Jordan has actually already started partnering with football clubs to produce custom, unique jerseys for them. Most prominently, PSG have had their kits with the Air Jordan logo in the past and been able to make a lot of money for NBA legend Michael Jordan, who owns the subsidiary of Nike too.

Amid rumours that Chelsea might be next in line to get their own customized Air Jordan kits, there has been a lot of excitement of how their kits could look with the icon of a flying Michael Jordan logo on their shirt instead of the Nike tick logo.

Borussia Dortmund styled Air Jordan x Chelsea kit

Now, if it does happen, the Air Jordan logo is likely to be in the third kit or away kit for Chelsea as has been the case for PSG as well. Nike are unlikely to remove their own logo for their premier home kits, but could allow the Air Jordan sign on the other ones.

Amid this, designers have started to create concept kits of how Chelsea’s kits could look like in the future with the Air Jordan logo. One concept shirt that has been created by TheLampardView and Asperion shows a Chelsea kit which looks similar to the Borussia Dortmund away kit.

Indeed, this concept kit for the Blues shows a new black and golden kit. This attire is a black shirt with the Air Jordan logo, Chelsea emblem and the Infinite Athlete logos all in gold – alongside the design of the sleeve and round-neck collar style as well.

This is a Cole Palmer design kit which shows how the one worn by the English midfielder could look like if Chelsea and Air Jordan end up collaborating. However, this isn’t the only concept kit that is making the rounds on social media.

Slick Black Air Jordan X Chelsea Concept kit

A relatively simpler design of what the Chelsea x Air Jordan kit could look like has also hit the internet which shows a much more plain, yet attractive design. This concept kit is also a black attire but in a two-layer design.

There is a black design in between the two lines in the middle of the kit, while the rest of the kit has black and white patterns printed all over it. The logos are all coloured in a glittering white, and this could actually work really well as Chelsea’s away kit because of their history of donning such away attires.

 The FootyHeadlines Chelsea X Air Jordan Leak

Another interesting concept kit surrounding the Chelsea and Air Jordan potential collaboration is one promoted by FootyHeadlines, who have gained a reputation for being among the first to leak kit design for major clubs.

This is an interesting deep blue kit that has the logos and Air Jordan icon in an orange shade. What really stands out in this concept kit is that there are logos of the Chelsea lion imprinted one after another in the middle of the kit to pay homage to the club emblem.

With that being said, these are all concept kits which can’t possibly be official unless Air Jordan actually confirms an association with Chelsea. The deal could potentially benefit all parties and help the Blues really stand out in terms of having unique kits that nobody else in the Premier League could boast about.