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Tottenham fan makes concept kit based on the new smash hit Nigeria jersey and it looks stunning

Tottenham fan makes concept kit based on the new smash hit Nigeria jersey and it looks stunning

The Premier League might be head and shoulders beyond every other league in world football, but it cannot be denied that it has fallen behind on one aspect of the sport: the team kits.

At first glance, team kits might seem like a trivial facet of football: a novice might assume that it is what is done on the pitch that counts, and not what the players are wearing.

On the contrary, kits are the visual armour of a football team; they are known to make or break the support for a club. New/incoming fans are oftentimes attracted or driven away from a team based on how their jerseys turn out. And this is something the massive sportswear companies know very well.

Realizing that the Premier League is too much of a cash cow to risk experimenting with bold, thematic jerseys, they instead opt for boring kits that are changed only incrementally every year, putting out exciting new concepts only elsewhere, like South America and Africa.

Only the away and third kits show any hint of flavour (think Tottenham’s away attire from last season) and the results have been very mixed. At this point, the fans have had it with the lifeless efforts and have taken matters into their own hands.

In a semi-viral Reddit post with over two hundred upvotes, user loouie17 showcased a concept kit that he made for Tottenham, based off of Nigeria’s smashing 2020 kits. And as far as fan made concepts go, this one is right up there at the top.

Beautifully incorporating a larger version of the Spurs’ cockerel crest in the center, it has the same angular tribal patterns running on each side of the shirt as the Nigerian kit. Only, in this one, the colour has been switched from the dark green of the African super eagles to the familiar navy blue of the Londoners, with white accents. The simplistic patterns exude minimalism and the concept has been very neatly done.

All in all, it’s a solid effort, and looking at the comments, the Spurs faithful definitely approve.