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Spitting Fire: Odsonne Edouard performance highlights vs Motherwell with Zone 2’s ‘No Censor’ in the background

Spitting Fire: Odsonne Edouard performance highlights vs Motherwell with Zone 2’s ‘No Censor’ in the background

Odsonne Edouard- a bit of a late bloomer, to be sure, but this lad can play football, alright.

At just twenty two years of age, could Celtic already have, in their hands, the best player in all of the current Scottish Premier League?

Motherwell gaffer Stephen Robinson certainly seems to think so, and he should know; on Wednesday night, he had a dugout view of his hapless side being pummeled 4-0 as Celtic stretched their lead by seven points at the top on the back of an inspired performance by the young Frenchman, who scored a clinical strike before converting a fantastic free kick effort later on.

It is a compelling case to be made, Edouard being top dog in the league, considering he has all the talents in the world required of a top notch striker.

An exquisite first touch? Check. Footwork sophisticated enough to weave through entire swathes of defenders like they were stationary traffic cones? Check. Raw pace to have done so without the opposition realising what the heck just whizzed past them? Of course.

Most important in his array of lethal skills, however, is an incredible eye for goal and a voracious appetite for them.

All of these qualities were shown in abundance on Wednesday, as the highlight reel shows, and other teams have a lot to worry about; the boy has shown an alarming amount of consistency, netting an incredible twenty goals and five assists in the twenty two games that he’s played in the league this season.

Rather fitting then, that his feats were shown with notorious drill group Zone 2’s ‘No Censor’ playing, a gang song so absolutely hard hitting and abrasive in nature that UK authorities tried multiple times to take it off of all platforms.

One must say, the apocalyptic track perfectly compliments the highlight reel: both are absolutely notorious.

Robinson even refused to blame his defenders, admitting that they had undergone “a horrible experience” and that Edouard was, at times, simply “unplayable”.

The scary part? Boss Neil Lennon insists that the young talent can only get much, much better.

The world is certainly looking forward to this bright spark realizing his full potential; it would be an absolute joy to watch him play at his best.