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Venezia 2.0? Club Brugge raises the heat with 22/23 Macron away kit

Venezia 2.0? Club Brugge raises the heat with 22/23 Macron away kit

Over the past few years, designer kits have become a fan-favourite and integral part of football with many clubs in Europe opting to have experimental designs for their threads. The football jersey now does not just play the role of sporting the club colours but is also an industry in itself that is mediated by clubs and fans alike.

Italian Serie B side Venezia FC recently made a name for themselves in Europe with their football kits. To celebrate their return to Serie A last season, Kappa designed an exquisite black kit that captured the essence of the major landmarks in the city of Venice with great grace. Despite being far away from the pinnacle of Italian football, the club boasted of having the best kits in the entire division singlehandedly.

Perhaps in a similar story of the underdog triumph, it looks like Belgian side Club Brugge and sportswear company Macron have matched Venezia’s efforts with their new away kit for the upcoming season. The Belgian champions released their new kit designed by Macron Sports earlier this week and it looks to be an absolute beauty.

The white base features a designer print of black and blue stripes to give off a zebra-like look. This has been clubbed with a rounded black open collar and black and blue arm-sleeve ends to go along with the collar.

On the back of the shirt, Macron have gone a step ahead by etching a motivational message of “no sweat, no glory” that has been placed right below the collar, in bold black lettering.

With this launch for Brugge, Macron have definitely turned a few heads. The Italy-based company are known for their quality work as they also design kits for other European clubs such as Lazio, Nantes and Nottingham Forrest. They have already made a name for themselves for their designs for the Rugby national teams of Italy, Wales and Scotland all of whom sport impressive threads.

Having found a successful base even in football, perhaps Macron could outdo the Nike-Adidas kits for top European clubs with their eye-catchy designs for the minor names in Europe.