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Kappa Strikes Gold Again With Gorgeous Vasco da Gama Kits For 22/23 Season

Kappa Strikes Gold Again With Gorgeous Vasco da Gama Kits For 22/23 Season

With the 2022/23 season now underway in full swing, fans have started debating over which team has the best kits.

While the on-pitch performances of the players hold utmost importance, they also have to look good to aesthetically please the fans.

The highest-selling shirts are obviously of the major European sides from Europe’s top-5 leagues.

Gabriel Martinelli in 22/23 Arsenal away kit which broke sales record on the first day of launch

The likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Manchester United get major revenues because of their attractive kits.

But that doesn’t mean that they necessarily produce the ‘best’ kits around either.

A lot of quality football kits actually go under the radar, mostly because of the fact that they are worn by less-popular teams.

However, the power of social media has now made even the smallest team more accessible to the general public.

Serie B club Venezia introduced a unique way to showcase their kits.

The gorgeous kits, produced with Italian brand Kappa, were unveiled using models – rather than players themselves.

Venezia raised a number of eyes by debuting a series of truly stunning kits – which had a simple yet royal design to them.

Venezia away kit for 22/23 season

As the small Serie B side doesn’t really have the biggest brands sponsoring them as opposed to some of the title-challenging sides, they decided to attract eyes with the help of Kappa’s wonderful attire.

This season, it looks like another club has been inspired to follow in their footsteps.

Brazilian side Vasco da Gama is the latest club to embrace the Kappa kit design and has done something unique in releasing all three football kits for the 2022/23 season at the same time.

Normally, European clubs release their kits separately in an attempt to get more fans to buy every single one of them.

Vasco have decided to ditch that tradition and debuted some stunning jerseys for this season.

The shirts only have the club emblem along with Kappa’s logo design on the front of them, with a regal and old-school design to it.

The shirts have a real vintage feel to them, with the home kit being a white shirt with a black collar. The away kit is black in colour and the third kit coloured brown, with both being round-neck styled.

Fans have fallen in love with the kits and have showered them with praise upon their release.

We can’t cope.