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The Greek model who has become the face of Venezia FC kits

The Greek model who has become the face of Venezia FC kits

’Tis the season of players jumping clubs and donning new jerseys for the first time. The fans are eagerly waiting for these fresh recruits to showcase their promise in the newly arrived colours of the club that have already started creating a buzz on social media. 

AC Milan, Arsenal, Ajax, Barcelona, and Manchester United have all released their kits for the 2022/23 season, but the reactions have been mixed. It’s difficult to pick a winner yet but the Italian club, Venezia FC has built a reputation for delivering the suavest kits in the past few years and has done it yet again.  

After pairing up with Kappa in the previous season and ending their relationship with Nike, Venezia FC has paid homage to the classic collared and long-sleeved football shirts from the ‘90s for the upcoming season. The Italian side was relegated from Serie A last season and has no option but to play in Serie B. 

But this didn’t stop the club to put out another banger kit that oozes class and captures one’s attention. The jersey comprises a deep black shirt and a thin orange and green taping that runs along the sleeves and down the sides. A single button collar with burning gold embellishments accentuates the club crest and the new ‘Citta Di Venezia’ city script makes the kit look sharper than any kit out there in the market.

The kit is a home run. But to gain more traction, Venezia, for the second consecutive year, has used a Greek model to launch their kits instead of their players. 

The model who has enchanted the fans with her free-flowing hair and blue eyes, donning the exquisite colours of Venezia FC, is Theopisti Pourliotopoulou. Her management company, Agencia models in Greece struck a deal with Venezia FC which brought her to the shores of Venice, and since the release of the kit which shows her wearing the colours of Venezia, the response of the fans has been drooling, to say the least.

They were pleasantly surprised to see Theopisti for the second consecutive year on Venezia FC’s social media accounts but couldn’t help but mention that her presence only accentuated the club’s jersey. It just might be because of her that the club gains a few more followers. 

Fans were quick to address her involvement and thanked her for endorsing Venezia. But Theopisti has been vocal about her and her family’s closeness to the Greek football club, PAOK, but wishes well for Venezia. 

With Theopisti wearing the Italian side’s colours, the jersey might become another summer best seller for the club. It’s a thing of beauty that you can even wear to a party after you’ve accomplished everything on the pitch.