Big Sam’s Got This: Football Twitter reacts to Boris Johnson’s fall

Boris Johnson, the man who once held the keys to 10 Downing Street, is now amidst the worst political crisis in the United Kingdom’s history.

His reign as the Prime Minister of the UK and the leader of the Conservative Party ended after a plethora of resignations from his cabinet ministers rocked the tabloids and politically disarmed an entire nation. 

All this started because of the “Partygate scandal,” which exposed Johnson’s drunken debauchery gatherings at his home and offices while the world was reeling from the effects of COVID-19. Despite taking full responsibility, the ex-Prime Minister of the UK received a lot of flak from everyone around and lost significant credibility amongst his peers. 

But what hit Johnson was the ‘No Confidence Motion’ brought against him. Despite surviving this ordeal, Johnson knew he had truly lost the cabinet and, along with it, the government. And lately, after the resignation of Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, Johnson’s government plunged further into crisis, leaving no option but to step down for Johnson. 

But the turmoil in the British Parliament has opened the floodgates for Football Twitter to make the most of the opportunity. The fans, while following the transfer market news, have also been tracking the updates on their government. And they have a few suggestions about who can replace Johnson as the next Prime Minister. 

The fans have taken the liberty of mixing the two worlds and have given us some unusual yet intriguing choices of football personalities who can run the government. 

The first is Sam Allardyce, the ex-Everton and West Bromwich Albion manager, who fans believe is the ultimate choice to pull the government out of trouble.

For them, he’ll sort the defence out, make them hard to beat and get them more organized. And while the transfer window is still open, they’re open to bringing an old dog who will impart wisdom both on and off the field to his cabinet. 

Some fans can also see a couple of former Newcastle managers turn up for the job at hand.

Neil Warnock brought himself out of retirement and propositioned himself to become the next Prime Minister with a clear caption, ‘Breaking News.’ No one could question that appointment.

A Liverpool fan couldn’t help but rain on his own misery by taking the case of his club’s number 10 conundrum after the new signing, Darwin Nunez was given the number 27 jersey when many expected him to get Sadio Mane’s number 10. This has opened up a bid of possibilities for other players who might be in contention to don the coveted number 10, either this season or next season.

A user suggested that ex-West Bromwich Albion player, Peter Odemwingie might have to re-live the horrific ordeal once again of not being allowed to enter premises, reminding him of the time when his transfer from West Brom to Queens Park Rangers (QPR) fell through despite poor Peter waiting in his car outside Loftus Road, the home ground of QPR.

But the one that hits it home is the one where a user pointed out that Chelsea has survived longer than the government that had tried to sink them.

That is a fair conclusion, but one can sincerely hope that whoever becomes Britain’s Prime Minister should fight the urge to make Harry Maguire the Defence Minister.