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IMDB pulls parental warnings for Paul Pogba documentary

IMDB pulls parental warnings for Paul Pogba documentary

Paul Pogba released his own documentary in partnership with Amazon Prime Video after confirming his exit from Manchester United for the second time in his career. The French midfielder refused to re-sign a new contract with the Red Devils after not feeling loved enough at Old Trafford.

Named the ‘Pogmentary’, the five-episode documentary captures the life of the French midfielder in 2021 and his interactions with his family, late agent Mino Raiola as well as his contract issues with United.

In the documentary, Pogba claims that he received a ‘nothing contract offer; from the Red Devils, which was reportedly for around £ 300,000 a week.

He also speaks about not being happy with the way he exited Old Trafford and that he’ll prove United and their fans wrong for not believing in him towards the end. Pogba’s documentary has, predictably, not gone down well with fans at all.

Man United’s supporters are livid at some of the comments made about the club and the fact that a ‘lazy’ footballer like him even gets his own documentary.

The Pogmentary has a brutal rating of 1/10 with over 8,500 ratings on the popular movie-rating website IMDB since its release.

Not just that, but some United fans have also decided to come up with hilarious warnings in the ‘parental guide’ corner on the website page.

One warning is of the show having Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking, claiming it shows ‘a drunk man playing football’.

Another warns of Sex & Nudity in the documentary series, suggesting it displays a ‘naked head with uncountable haircuts’.

One parental warning guide also warns of the documentary having frightening and intense scenes, claims it shows ‘a man impersonates a professional footballer throughout.’

Most of these warnings were deleted by IMDB due to them being factually wrong, but fans are unlikely to stop from their quest to ensure people don’t have to watch the documentary at all.

Pogba is expected to re-join Juventus as a free agent for the second time in his career in the summer after leaving Old Trafford. But this ridiculous documentary trying to show off his personal life and white-washing his reputation has absolutely not gone well with the majority of fans.