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Did Paul Pogba Really Insult The IQ Of Man United Fans In Pogmentary?

Did Paul Pogba Really Insult The IQ Of Man United Fans In Pogmentary?

Paul Pogba decided to cover the final stages of his underwhelming spell at Manchester United in his own Amazon Documentary that was released last year. To state that the ‘Pogmentary’ was a disaster would be under-selling it.

The documentary was released in June 2022, soon after Pogba departed from United after his contract ran out. The five-episode documentary revolves around the life of Pogba and covered his final campaign at Old Trafford. It ended up being an utter failure, having a 1.1 rating on IMDB.

In the documentary, Pogba spoke about a lot of things about his time with the Red Devils and how he felt playing for them in some really underwhelming years. Soon after his documentary was released, the Frenchman came under fire for one instigating comment that started doing the rounds on social media.

Paul Pogba bad-mouths Manchester United fans

Soon after the Pogmentary became available to watch, fans started to screenshot particular moments of the show and circulate them around social media in an attempt to mock Pogba.

Those could be comments made by himself or someone else in the show, like his late agent Mino Raiola – who passed away last year as well.

Out of all this, one picture that somewhat became viral shows Pogba after a match with the subtitle ‘United fans know very little about football’ being written in the picture too. This indicated that the Frenchman had slandered the supporters for criticizing him throughout his stint at the club and tried fuelling the fire in the tense relationship between Pogba and United supporters.

But this is absolutely photoshopped. While not many fans had the patience to actually watch through the cringe-worthy five episodes of the Pogmentary show, those who have done so made it clear that in no moment did he ever utter these words that the picture tries to imply.

It’s just a case of rival fans taking a screenshot of one of the moments from the show and just adding the text by themselves in an attempt to further instigate hate towards Pogba from United fans – as well as try to embarrass the fanbase as a whole.

Some ridiculous comments Pogba did make in his Pogmentary

While he did not make inflammatory comments about the United fans, Pogba did give some weird dialogue in the show. He spoke in detail about his departure from Old Trafford and how he was unhappy over how the club didn’t seem that eager to give him a new major contract.

In a conversation with Raiola, Pogba was told that United absolutely wanted him to stay but did not want to offer him lucrative wages for his deal. To this, the Frenchman replied: “They’re bluffing. How can you tell a player you absolutely want him and offer him nothing? Never seen that.”

He even compared him being urged by Man United fans to leave last summer with what Jesus Christ had to endure, saying: “Even Jesus wasn’t unanimously rejected, they still crucified him.”

Soon after the release of this unnecessary, weird documentary that completely flopped, Pogba took a leap of faith in rejoining Juventus as a free agent. He’s ended up falling flat on his foot and is yet to start a competitive game for them – nine months after joining.