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Venezia FC Links Up with Kappa to Produce ’10/10′ Pre-Match Jersey For 23/24 Season

Venezia FC Links Up with Kappa to Produce ’10/10′ Pre-Match Jersey For 23/24 Season

Venezia FC has unveiled their perfect 2023-24 pre-match football shirt, designed by renowned Munich-based design studio Bureau Borsche in collaboration with sportswear brand Kappa.  

This striking jersey will be donned by the team during warm-up sessions for their Serie B matches this season, adding an extra touch of style and flair to their pre-game rituals.

The Kappa x Venezia 23-24 pre-match football shirt showcases a unique blend of artistry and sportswear innovation. All logos, including the club crest, are presented in a crisp white hue and are meticulously heat-applied.

This technique ensures that the graphics stay intact throughout rigorous warm-up sessions. The club crest, in particular, stands out with slightly thicker material, symbolizing the pride and heritage associated with the Venezia FC.

The vertical lines, featuring the club colours of orange, black, and green, serve as the backdrop for the club logo in striking white. This design embodies the team’s strong bond with the city of Venice, emphasizing their commitment to sporting excellence and Venetian culture.

This remarkable design, according to the club, pays homage to the soul of the city, drawing inspiration from its people. Bureau Borsche, the creative force behind the club’s rebranding efforts last year, once again captures the essence of Venice and its vibrant community. 

The pre-match shirt serves as a visual tribute to the city’s inhabitants, celebrating their diverse backgrounds and shared passion for football.

Venezia FC has launched an inspiring campaign to coincide with the release of the pre-match jersey. The campaign, captured by acclaimed English photographer Sam Gregg, focuses on the people of the city.

Fans have already showered the kit with immense appreciation, with many rating it a solid 10/10 while some say it can be their home kit. This overwhelming response reflects the club’s continuous efforts to create exceptional and visually captivating kits, garnering optimism for Venezia FC’s future endeavours both on and off the pitch.

Available for purchase starting from July 6, the Kappa Venezia 2023-2024 pre-match football shirt is priced at €80. Its higher price tag distinguishes it from pre-match jerseys of other clubs, such as Adidas and Nike, which typically retail at €70. 

This premium pricing reflects the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail invested in creating this extraordinary garment. Which is now available for purchase on the club’s official online store, 

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