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Belter – Watch Leeds United fans bounce to the Casilla/Hernandez song at Elland Road

Belter – Watch Leeds United fans bounce to the Casilla/Hernandez song at Elland Road

It is very rare to see a stadium quiet on a matchday. It’s almost an impossible feat. With fans flooding in to see their team play, they will do anything to ensure that the players get all the support they need to perform well and send the fans home happy.

Flags, banners, posters, face-paint, scarves, flares are some of the methods the fans use to showcase their support. But the strongest weapon of them all, is the fans in full voice, singing, chanting, cheering and intimidating the opposition. It really is a force to be reckoned with.

With the football season coming to a close, we find ourselves in the Championship, where the race for promotion is going down to the wire.

Leeds and Sheffield United have been at it for a while to secure the second of the automatic promotion spots. With Leeds having a 3 point lead over the Blades before round 43, the stage was set for the fans to produce a masterclass when Leeds hosted Wigan. The atmosphere was booming, and the songs and chants were filling Elland Road, big-time.

One such chant that has got the Leeds fans buzzing is the Kiko Casilla and Pablo Hernandez chant. It’s quite a simple, yet cheerful chant with the lines, “Kiko Casilla…, Playing for United…, Pablo Hernandez…” sung on repeat; with the player names swapping positions in alternate verses.

It was one of the best things to come out of a very bad day for Leeds, as they suffered a 2-1 loss to 10-man Wigan. The loss meant Leeds dropped to third, giving up the second spot to Sheffield United, who won 2-0 against Nottingham Forest.

It has caused a serious dent in Leeds’ automatic promotion hopes, with them being level on points with the Blades with just 3 rounds to go. But regardless of the result, the chant really was something special.

How damaging is this loss, to Leeds’ automatic promotion hopes? Can Leeds still secure automatic promotion, or will the Blades have the last laugh?