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New leaks reveal centred crest on Man City home kit for 22/23 season

New leaks reveal centred crest on Man City home kit for 22/23 season

With the current football season coming to a close soon, football fans would be on the lookout for a change of threads for the new season.

There is nothing like the feeling of donning the new home kit of the club one supports. It is a tradition, especially for fans who are geographically distant from the city of their favourite club and are not able to travel to the home stadiums. Having the kits helps bridge this gap between the club and the fan.

These few months before the season officially closes is the time for leaked images of upcoming kits for many clubs. Over the years, social media channels such as Twitter have created a name for themselves by being the one-stop destination for fans to peruse the latest kit leaks.

There are already leaked kit prints of numerous top European clubs on these sites for the upcoming season, with Chelsea’s 2022/23 home kit being the latest addition to the collection.

It looks like another English club has joined Chelsea, as league leaders Man City’s home kit has been leaked on Twitter.

In the leaked images, possibly from the promotional photoshoots for the kit reveal, England internationals Phil Foden and Jack Grealish have been spotted sporting the new kit.

While Foden is seen donning the home kit in a close-up image, Grealish has paired the kit with a hoodie worn under and a casual jacket worn on the sleeves in the leaked images.

The new light blue kit has a noticeable difference from the current model as the City crest and the Puma logo both have been shifted to the centre of the kit. The PL side has also gone for rounded red and white striped necks for this kit with matching arm sleeves in the same shade.

The kit looks to have taken inspiration from Puma’s current third kit for City this season where the logo has been shifted to the centre.

Since that kit received heavy backlash from supporters for its lack of quality, Puma seems to have upped their game with this upcoming kit which has used the central crest/logo design quite well.

With a Premier League and Champions League double still possible for the Manchester side, Citizens would be looking forward to celebrating yet another successful season with this new kit.