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All The New Adidas x Jamaica Gear That Has Leaked So Far

All The New Adidas x Jamaica Gear That Has Leaked So Far

As the new year kicked off, the Jamaican Football Federation dropped the news that Adidas and JFF were now in partnership. This has generated a wave of excitement among the team’s fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of the new kits. This also means that Jamaica is breaking away from its previous association with Umbro, but Adidas is as worthy as any.

Adidas has a reputation for celebrating diverse cultures and this is especially evident in their appreciation of Reggaeton music and the Rastafari movement. 

In 2021, the brand collaborated with Ajax to release a beautiful Bob Marley jersey, honouring the late reggae icon. The jersey was an instant classic and was a clear demonstration of Adidas’ dedication to respecting and incorporating different cultures into their products. 

Adidas even paired up with Arsenal to release a Jamaica special kit, which was a sight to behold. 

Home Kit

The 2023 Jamaica home kit was officially unveiled at the Paris Fall 2023 Menswear Show in Paris, marking a first for a football jersey reveal at a fashion week.

The kit was designed by Wales Bonner, a fashion brand known for its unique and stylish designs, which reflects the growing overlap between fashion and sports and the recognition of football jerseys as a form of fashion expression.

Wales Bonner, with its ability to blend traditional cultural elements with modern design, has left its mark on the new Jamaica home kit.

The partnership between the football team and Wales Bonner is a testament to their commitment to creating a distinctive and stylish image on and off the field.

The shorts will accompany the new Jamaica home kit.

Wales Bonner even previously partnered with Adidas Originals for a special collection in 2022, which was worn by Adidas players Jude Bellingham and Jules Koundé. 

Anthem Jacket

The anthem jacket included in the new home kit range features the same beautiful yellow and green design and was revealed by British boxer Anthony Yarde, who is of Jamaican descent, before his 23rd professional fight.

The release of the new kit is expected in February, further fueling the anticipation of fans who are eager to see the full kit.

The new Jamaica home kit has received a lot of positive feedback with fans and fashion lovers alike praising its sleek and minimalistic design. The yellow and green colour scheme is a nod to Jamaica’s national colours and the simple, clean design offers a fresh take on the traditionally flashy football jerseys.

Away Kit

The away kit is ‘night brown’ or maroon-ish in colour, with what looks like yellow logos. However, we will have to wait till an official release to get clearer images as these ones could be heavily edited.

However, looking at some past designs, it is clear that Adidas could have done something more with the National Team’s jerseys. Some fans are, rightfully, disappointed with the plainness.

Although the retro look is very clean to look at, Adidas could have mirrored the approach that Nike took with Nigeria and created something incredible, as Kappa and Umbro have done for so many years. 

But hey, as Bob Marley said, “Don’t let them change you or rearrange you.” Adidas will probably take more risks as the years keep going on.

Jamaica’s National Football Team has a proud history in the sport and continues to be a dominant force in the Caribbean region. The partnership with Adidas further cements its place as a force to be reckoned with, and the team hopes to translate this win into success on the field.