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Look: Lewis Hamilton Brings Iconic 90s Brazil Tracksuit Back in Vogue

Look: Lewis Hamilton Brings Iconic 90s Brazil Tracksuit Back in Vogue

Lewis Hamilton has developed a special connection with Brazil during his iconic Formula One career. The seven-time F1 World Champion is actually an honorary citizen of Brazil. He received citizenship from the country last year due to his popularity in the country.

Hamilton has constantly voiced his admiration for Brazilian F1 legend Aryton Senna, labelling him as his hero. He even celebrated winning the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix by carrying the green and yellow Brazilian flag than his England flag.

It appears that the Englishman turns into a Brazilian upon arriving in the country. Ahead of the 2023 Brazilian GP, Hamilton gave a nod to another iconic Brazilian sporting legend with his attire. Before the qualifying sessions, Hamilton was seen touring around Sao Paulo to interact with people.

He decided to wear something special for the occasion and donned a Brazilian football team tracksuit. However, this isn’t any ordinary tracksuit. Nor is this that of the current Brazil national team. Hamilton decided to wear the 1991 Brazilian national team’s tracksuit.

This was created by Umbro, who were their kit manufacturers during that period. As a matter of fact, this tracksuit was actually used by the Selecao for many years. They wore this in the 1993 Copa America as well as the 1994 FIFA World Cup, where they clinched fourth title.

The tracksuit features Brazilian green, yellow, blue and white colours. It is an intricately designed suit that also features three prominent stars, with the two yellow stars being covered by a green star. The ‘stars’ here represent the World Cup titles Brazil had won before the 1994 edition. It is priced at around £175 in online stores, but you are unlikely to get one available in stock right now. 

Hamilton probably received the kit from the Brazilian authorities or might’ve used his swaying power to have Umbro get one for him. Irrespective, this slick attire has only allowed Hamilton to gain more popularity in Brazil and show off his ‘roots’ as a Brazilian citizen.