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Neymar and Lewis Hamilton’s Friendship Timeline: From 2016 Copa America to Now

Neymar and Lewis Hamilton’s Friendship Timeline: From 2016 Copa America to Now

It is truly a thing for fans if the worlds of their favourite sports stars collide. From casually meeting up in 2016 to maintaining the bond till date, F1 ace Lewis Hamilton and Brazilian superstar Neymar Junior have come a long way.

The duo has been consistently supportive of each others’ professions, beside sharing interests for fashion, night-outs, clubbing etc.

Of late, Neymar was spotted at the Bahrain Grand Prix, 2024. He was seen sharing a light moment with seven time Formula 1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton. The video went viral shortly, with fans from both the worlds showering love.

Timeline of the friendship between Neymar and Lewis Hamilton

The duo reportedly met for the first time in 2016 Copa America Centenario. Even though Neymar’s Brazil had to settle for a premature group stage exit, the tournament marked the onset of a unique friendship between the football and the F1 star!

2017 was the most eventful year for the duo. Neymar paid visits to Hamilton in London. Hamilton was one of the witnesses to Barcelona’s historic “Remontada” against Neymar’s then-future-club, Paris Saint Germain.

In the same year, the duo again met up for some NBA action. Neymar took to Instagram to showcase his love for the F1 star. The Brazilian posted a picture of themselves at the stands, with the caption, “with my bro @lewishamilton.”

The 2017 burst of bromance did not conclude just at that. They were spotted at the 2017 London Fashion Week. Just like Hamilton’s presence at the Remontada, Neymar stood witness to Hamilton clinching the 4th World Championship title at Mexico.

Neymar and Hamilton at the London Fashion Week, 2017.

The duo maintained contact virtually while Hamilton won his 5th title in 2018. In 2019, however, a funny incident caught the attention of GP and football fans worldwide.

Neymar was a guest to Mercedes’ rival camp, Red Bull in the 2019 Spanish GP. However, Neymar met Hamilton before the match, which the latter went on to win. Later, Hamilton took to Instagram to post Neymar, with a caption, “Brother @neymarjr, thank you for the positive vibes before the race.”

The duo again went public in 2021, with Hamilton clinching his 7th World Championship title in 2020.

In 2021, he told reporters in Brazil that he hoped to see Neymar in the game against Colombia that followed shortly after. He also assured that they have always been in constant contact.

He said, “I’m very much in contact with Neymar, quite often, we were just talking actually earlier today.”

In 2023, the duo crossed paths at the Monaco Grand Prix. Neymar, mentioned that he loved Hamilton but at the same time supported Red Bull racing.

He mentioned, “I love F1 and above all I love [Lewis] Hamilton, who is a great friend of mine. I will support Red Bull and root for my friend.”

Neymar’s statements about Hamilton have aroused interest amongst fans, with the Brazilian once mentioning Hamilton as his “brother from another mother.”

Neymar and Lewis Hamilton continue their bromance in 2024

The Bahrain Grand Prix 2024 got fans excited with Neymar again visiting the 7-time World F1 Champion, Lewis Hamilton, as the latter looked to overtake Michael Schumacher of Ferrari. Hamilton currently stands at par with Schumacher, with seven titles each to their names.

A video of the duo hugging at the race tracks got the fans talking again. Even though Lewis could not clinch his 8th title, the reunion was a treat for the fans.

When a reporter asked Neymar if he is a Grand Prix fan, he replied, “I like it but I don’t follow it that much, I only follow Lewis Hamilton because he is my friend.”

One will admit, beyond the shared interests in fashion, models and night-outs, the duo has shocked their respective fans in terms of decisions. While Neymar’s move to Al-Hilal from PSG came across as a shock, Hamilton new deal with Ferrari after the 2024 season also took the F1 pundits and fans by surprise.

Perhaps the essence of their friendship lies in continuous changes and evolution, which the stars have remarkably shown. While Neymar and Lewis Hamilton have had their ups and downs in their respective careers, their friendship has always been on an uphill climb.