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Twitter reacts to Gary Neville sound effects during Chelsea v Liverpool

Twitter reacts to Gary Neville sound effects during Chelsea v Liverpool

Dramatic Chelsea encounters and an overly excited Gary Neville in the gantry seemingly go hand in hand.

Alongside Martin Tyler’s ‘Agueerooooo’, Gary Neville’s ‘ooohhhh’ after Fernando Torres’ iconic goal against Barcelona stands as a customary experience for any football fan, a rite of passage if you will.

Neville’s impassioned squeal following Drogba’s CL final equalizer goes rather unnoticed in the face of the Torres goal, but it is certainly worth mentioning.

Similarly, last night’s encounter between Chelsea and Liverpool drew out some very frank expressions from the United Legend.

Neville was on the mic alongside Martin Tyler covering the thrilling encounter for Sky Sports and the pundit let his elation be known on multiple occasions.

Here’s the Twitter reaction to Neville’s squealing on the night –

A Twitter user even compiled all the notable reactions from Neville during the game and rated the squeaks and squeals out of 10.

Beginning with a firm ‘Ooooo’ of approval from Neville, in reaction to Salah’s goal, one which the user deemed worthy of a 9.

Kovacic’s stellar volley was met with an excited ‘ohhhh’ from the 46-year-old, worthy of a 6 according to the user.

The pick of the lot certainly was a top-tier squeak from Neville upon witnessing Mount’s glance at goal go wide, fittingly enough the user agreed.

The scoring paradigms were broken and the bizarre squeak was rated as an 11 out of 10.