The Friends character Gary Neville shares an uncanny resemblance with

Picture this: You are at a party and you meet someone for the first time. After exchanging a couple of formal pleasantries, the person comments on your appearance — not the way you have dressed, but about your face, about how it resembles someone. 

And you’re happy if they mention the name of a famous personality, but when a Twitter user compared Gary Neville with a star of the worldwide hit television show, FRIENDS, the response of the fans and the star in question was astonishing.  

A screenshot of the ex-Manchester United man wearing rose-tinted glasses surfaced on the internet and some keen observer and an ardent fan of FRIENDS dictated that a bespectacled Gary Neville has an uncanny resemblance with Hank Azaria, who played Phoebe Buffay’s romantic interest on FRIENDS.

Phoebe was one of the six main central characters who with her illogical wit entertained and enlightened fans all over the world and Hank who played Gary, a scientist on the show was smitten by her but unfortunately had to leave for Minsk in Belarus to work at a research facility.

Football fans who are die-hard admirers of the show found this resemblance in joyous spirit and used the humour of the show to take Gary Neville’s case. “He should be at Minskester United,” tweeted one fan while others commented that Hank might have done a better job at Valencia as a coach. The netizens leave no stone unturned to make themselves heard, and neither did they fail this time. 

On witnessing the commotion and the traction that his name was receiving on Twitter, Hank Azaria couldn’t help but rain on his own parade. He re-tweeted the photo, doing the rounds with a ‘One eye glass’ emoji, scrutinizing and trying to understand the resemblance that the people had been talking about. Even though Hank took a tone of scepticism, the comments on his tweet were identical to the humour that FRIENDS is known for.

“I think he coaches in Minsk.”

“I’ll be right back,” some user compared Neville’s position as a player and Hank’s promise to Phoebe on the show that he’ll return from Minsk for her. 

In a world of Twitter, opinions come and go as they like, but some stay with you. Gary Neville, along with his illustrious career, will now be regarded as Phoebe Buffay’s love interest for ages — a crossover no one expected.