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Liam Gallagher trashtalks Jamie Carragher, hits Steven Gerrard with ‘slippy’ jibe

Liam Gallagher trashtalks Jamie Carragher, hits Steven Gerrard with ‘slippy’ jibe

For the last few seasons, Liverpool and Manchester City have dominated the English Premier League. This dominance has created an intense rivalry between the two, around who gets to be the strongest team in England.

This season the league title was again decided on the last match-day. Like 2018-19, Manchester City clinched the title by a single point, requiring a last-minute winner from Ilkay Gundogan. Liverpool fans and players were heartbroken, but the Cityzens were having a ball.

Lifelong Manchester City fan and Oasis star Liam Gallagher was quick to go on Twitter to celebrate his team’s victory. However, in his celebrations, he threw digs at Liverpool legend and current Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher.

Before you proceed we must warn you that the next few paragraphs contain ‘expletive’ language.

Gallagher tweeted “What you saying carra you be**end”. Carragher was quick to retort with “I’m saying you’ll never win the Champions league & Oasis are sh*te compared to the Beatles. That work??”

The English musician did not take too kindly to the former Liverpool defender roasting both his band, along with his club’s lack of success in the Champions League.

He posted a barrage of tweets aiming insults at Carragher and Liverpool. One referred to another Liverpool legend and Aston Villa manager (whom City played in the last match) Steven Gerrard.

Gallagher tweeted “F*ck off slippy Gerrard”, referring to Gerrard’s famous slip against Chelsea in 2014 that cost Liverpool the title.

The singer also called out Liverpool’s two domestic cup trophy wins as flukes, saying “Scraped 2 cups on pens how many strikers W*NK*RS”.

While Carragher (rightly) stopped responding after the first tweet, Liverpool fans came to their team and legend’s defence. City fans joined the skirmish as well, while supporters of other clubs enjoyed the hilarity of the situation.

It’s not the first time Gallagher has made the news with regards to his choice of words as a Manchester City fan. Just a month ago he had to apologise for a tweet aimed at Atletico Madrid defender Stefan Savic.

Infuriated at Savic’s antics towards City players in their quarterfinal match, Gallagher casually joked about sending the Atletico defender a death threat.

Gallagher is a very passionate fan. His team has quickly risen to be among the top teams in football today, and naturally, he wants to make the most of it. However, someone should keep him away from social media while football is on.