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Why Jesus Perez Using Photo of his Daughters in Spurs and Chelsea Kits is Heartwarming AF

Why Jesus Perez Using Photo of his Daughters in Spurs and Chelsea Kits is Heartwarming AF

Chelsea’s start to this season of the Premiere League have been underwhelming, staying at 13th in the points table with 12 points from 10 matches below Nottingham Forest, a team that narrowly escaped relegation last season.

Former Spurs and PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino was hired onboard to steady the sinking Chelsea ship. After showing progress in a couple of matches, Chelsea lost against Brentford last month, suffering a defeat of 2-0.

Their poor results translated off the field when Chelsea’s assistant manager, Jesus Perez entered Brentford’s technical area.

He has since been charged with breaking code of conduct and has been fined 4000 pounds. The drama with Perez, however, did not end there.

Perez has since posted on X, pictures of his daughters Paula and Marta in both Spurs’ lily-white Tottenham Hotspur 2016-17 home kit, back when he was coaching Spurs and a new one with Chelsea’s blue Chelsea FC 2023-24 home kit with the caption, “#Love is colour Blind” and both Tottenham and Chelsea fans are puzzled by this confusing post.

Most fans are trying to understand what he was trying to say or express with this post. Some Tottenham fans believe this post to be a dig at them, as Pochettino and Perez chose their archrivals, Chelsea. Spurs fans were upset about this going into the season.

Tottenham fans expected to have a fair game with mutual respect. But now with this post Perez has divided the remaining love spurs fans had for their former assistant coach with some fans comparing Perez to “judas”. These fans are now calling and campaigning to “boo” both Pochettino and Perez in the stadium, showing how quickly things change.

Chelsea fans on the other hand are congratulating Perez’s daughters for making better choices in life by supporting Chelsea and are also trolling Tottenham fans for showing hate towards the post.  

Some neutral fans however showed support for Perez’s daughters for supporting their father’s current club and their love of the sport of football as a whole.

Most fans are missing the message here. There is good chance Perez is saying that no matter what colour we wear the love doesn’t go away. It could very well be a message to Spurs fans.

Chelsea hopes to find a way to stop the unbeaten run of Spurs side and move up the table away from relegation. For Spurs this match would take them back to the top of the league above Guardiola’s Manchester City.

With Liverpool and Arsenal dropping points this weekend the top five spots at the league table is getting entertaining. The rivalry between Chelsea and Spurs have been sparked as both teams’ faceoff each other on 7th November at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.