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Rory Jennings Changes His Tune on Mauricio Pochettino 7 Months On

Rory Jennings Changes His Tune on Mauricio Pochettino 7 Months On

Mauricio Pochettino is facing intense pressure of being sacked as Chelsea manager after two heavy losses in the Premier League and it seems that his biggest admirer or one time, Rory Jennings, has now become a passionate hater.

Jennings has been quite vocal on the appointment of the Argentine gaffer and his entire reign as the Blues’ boss all throughout the 2023/24 season.

What Did Rory Jennings Say About Pochettino Earlier This Season?

Chelsea unveiled Pochettino as their new manager on June, 2023 after months of speculation. Even though a section of the fanbase was still unsure about him, Jennings actually seemed to be a supporter of the Argentine gaffer and quite impressed with how well he was doing his job in the first few months.

In July, when Chelsea were enjoying a decent pre-season campaign, Jennings praised Pochettino’s early impact and how he had built a culture of ‘happiness and winning’ in only one month into the job. After the Blues drew their opening game against Liverpool, the UK influencer also went on to say that he “absolutely adores” the Argentine manager.

Weeks into the new Premier League season, Jennings just couldn’t stop praising Pochettino and agreed with the Tottenham Hotspur fans singing that the manager was ‘magic’ and stated that he looks “exceptional”.

But as Chelsea started losing matches and getting underwhelming results heading into the September/October period, Jennings still showed support for Pochettino and stated that their bad form wasn’t on him.

How Rory Jennings Changed Tune On Chelsea Manager Mauricio Pochettino

Just as Chelsea began to slump from the November period, Jennings’ attitude towards Pochettino started to slowly, but surely change. Suddenly, he started to mouth off about how it could be possible that the Blues are relegated under the new manager.

Jennings also stated after Chelsea’s loss to Manchester United in early December that Pochettino ought to “hand his head in shame” and that he was not an “elite-level manager”. Suddenly, he started aiming all his criticism for the club’s dismal form at the manager – claiming that he hadn’t improved a single player at Chelsea after taking the job.

Heading into the festive period, things got a little too aggressive and over-the-top in terms of Jennings’ disliking towards the manager. He claimed about never wanted him to take over the job, and how he had “flirted” with Tottenham Hotspur during that period.

In the last few months, Jennings has been unashamed in voicing his hatred towards the Chelsea manager. In a recent video, he basically terms it as “I Hate Mauricio Pochettino” and that the manager is responsible for ruining everything at the club and openly calling for the club to re-hire Jose Mourinho to replace Poch.

Now, Jennings knows that he has to be a bit over-the-top with his opinions to get more attention from football fans and is obviously chopping and changing his tune for that. However, all this has done is out him as a hypocrite and someone fans will probably think twice before taking seriously.